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Amateur film producers. Contains production notes, galleries, movie clips and news about the project Halfway to Oblivion, featuring a cameo performance by Jon Pertwee.

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Outpost Gallifrey* - Includes news and information, reviews, fiction, discussion forums, and detailed information about the annual Gallifrey conventions, held in February in Los Angeles, California.
BBC Online - Doctor Who* - The official website with news, episode guide, cast video diaries, "the making of Doctor Who", Dalek game, image galleries, wallpapers, downloadable audio clips and footage from the new series.

  • Doctor Who Wiki - An encyclopedia covering Doctor Who episodes, characters, and doctor who monsters.
  • Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death - Screen captures from a web broadcast of the 1999 Comic doctor who Relief parody. With links to details about the charity video doctor who release.
  • Doctor Who Locations - Utilises Google Maps to provide details of various doctor who filming doctor who locations used in the series.
  • Doctor Who's Tragical History Tour - Pictorial exploration of the programme\\'s development, incorporating science fiction and d fantasy approximately 10,000 images.
  • The Doctor Who Gateway - A guide to BBC archive holdings, missing episodes science fiction and fantasy and recording technology used on the series. With science fiction and fantasy a FAQ and downloadable copies of a discontinued science fiction and fantasy newsletter.
  • The Infinite Regeneration - A Doctor Who Cover Resource - A non-profit website presenting alternate cover designs for doctor who the science fiction and fantasy BBC Doctor Who video and DVD range.
  • - Features puzzles, polls, bloopers, a list of books, DVDs, videos doctor who and audios.
  • Who3D - Computer generated artwork, tutorials, downloads, news and a forum.
  • You know you're an American Doctor Who fan if... - Some humorous comments on Doctor Who fandom.
  • Who Space - News, reviews, image galleries, forums, downloads and links.
  • Doctor Who - Contains cast and crew information, episode guides, news and links.
  • - Original artwork, recent convention photographs and exclusive online comic adventures.
  • The Big Finish Trailer Resource - A compilation of trailers for this series of audio dramas.
  • DW Quotations - A sizable collection of pithy sayings from the science fiction and fantasy television stories.
  • Eye of Horus - Fan enterprise offering detailed plot synopses, episode and doctor who DVD reviews, articles, interviews, merchandise and details of doctor who the Big Finish audio productions.
  • Wikipedia: Doctor Who - Features the history of the Doctor and his doctor who companions, doctor who as well as information about the various doctor who aliens and doctor who villains that have featured throughout the doctor who series.
  • Doctor Who: Devious - Amateur film producers. Contains production notes, galleries, movie doctor who clips d and news about the project Halfway to doctor who Oblivion, featuring d a cameo performance by Jon Pertwee.
  • The TARDIS Rebuilders - Message board for fans interested in constructing replicas.
  • Doctor Who Scarf - Describes how to recreate the 4th Doctor\\'s scarf. Includes instructions, a guide to yarns, knitting patterns and photographs.
  • Communion of the Daleks - Short film produced by fans. Includes video download, science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy production notes, gallery and guest book.
  • Defending the Earth - Games and puzzles, with a special section devoted doctor who to doctor who unmasking the true identity of the mysterious doctor who character known doctor who as "The Doctor".
  • Dalek Links - Directory listing various Dalek-related resources. With news items science fiction and doctor who fantasy and a gallery containing publicity photographs and artwork.
  • The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive - Collection of newspaper and magazine articles, and other items from the printed media. Includes material dating from 1963 to the present.
  • Tabula Rasa: Doctor Who - A collection of stories and articles concentrating on doctor who the doctor who seventh Doctor and the darker aspects of doctor who the show.
  • Photorealistic Daleks - A collection of computer rendered Dalek images.
  • The Earthbound TimeLords - An academic research site devoted to the series.
  • Loose Cannon Doctor Who Reconstructions - Recreations of missing episodes and stories from the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton eras.
  • Gallifrey Archives - News, video clips, interviews, episode guides for the new series, science fiction and fantasy a forum, links and a series of Dalek cartoons originally science fiction and fantasy published in 'Private Eye'.
  • Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings - An ongoing survey of on-line fandom\\'s likes and dislikes, including favourite episodes and Doctors.
  • Doctor Who - Official site for the TV channel broadcasting the new series d in America. Includes episode guides, character profiles, a gallery and d message boards.
  • Alden's Doctor Who Page - New Zealand site offering news, local fan club information, a guide to the audio adventures, fan fiction and a Mel Bush appreciation section.
  • Cybermen - Fan site offering details on the development of this race, doctor who a list of television and audio stories in which they doctor who appear, costume designs, image galleries, sound clips, a timeline and doctor who links.
  • IMDb: Doctor Who - Offers a synopsis, cast and crew list, user science fiction and d fantasy comments, a message board and links.
  • History of the Doctor Who Theme - Detailed chronicle of the music for the series.
  • Doctor Who Online - Offers news and reviews, with forums, episode guides, audio interviews and links.
  • Who's Doctor Who? - Offers a biography and chronology of the Doctor.
  • Allscifi Dr. Who Spotlight - Critical discussion of the best and worst of doctor who Doctor Who. Sign up as a Doctor Who doctor who Scholar on the site.
  • Ninth and Beyond - Offers desktop materials, a message board, an episode guide, trivia, doctor who news, and information relating to merchandise.
  • Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel) - Offers news, episode details, and features about the doctor who show science fiction and fantasy and its spin-offs.
  • Kasterborous - Doctor Who Webzine - Articles and news items, interviews with cast members, d reviews, original artwork and wallpaper downloads.
  • Unitnews - Offers original articles, news items, competitions, a forum, science fiction and fantasy Torchwood guide and a section for downloads for science fiction and fantasy iPods and other mobile devices.
  • The ?-Mark Doctor Who Page - A concise guide to the first 8 Doctors.
  • The Whoniverse - Includes a detailed history of the Doctor Who science fiction and science fiction and fantasy fantasy universe, a biography of the Doctor, and guides science fiction science fiction and fantasy and fantasy to stories and other similar material.
  • Logopolis Metropolis - Message board with sections devoted to fan fiction, humour, games science fiction and fantasy and reviews.
  • Doctor Who: The Scrapbook - Fan-created art and scripts, with comic strips, and humorous Dalek doctor who information including models and instructions for creating costumes on a doctor who budget.
  • Ian Levine Doctor Who Discussion Forums - Former series consultant Ian Levine\\'s suite of discussion forums covering science fiction and fantasy a variety of Doctor Who related topics.
  • Dr Who and the Daleks in Bournemouth - See a Dalek in Bournemouth, Dorset.
  • The TARDIS Library - Information on the show\\'s TARDIS props and the science fiction and doctor who fantasy real police boxes that inspired them, along with science fiction doctor who and fantasy details on fan replicas and a guide to science doctor who fiction and fantasy building your own.
  • Timelord - Forum with images, fan fiction and games.

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