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International Federation of Trekkers aka IFT.

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  • USS Ulysses - IFT Chapter in the Beaumont, California area. USS fan clubs Enterprise fan clubs 1701-E history, club news, activities, enlistment, and fan clubs a survey.
  • USS Valiant - Chapter of IFT serving Tamaroa, Illinois. Includes international federation of trekkers Prometheus class starship schematics and crew manifest.
  • USS Excalibur - Chapter based in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • USS Agamemnon - Chapter serving the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Includes crew fan clubs biographies, fan clubs history, and rules.
  • USS T'hy'la - Internet-based chapter and IFT fleet flagship. Site star trek series has mission statement, staff, history, handbook, and logs.
  • USS Arkansas - Chapter residing in Springdale, Arkansas. Meet the fan clubs crew, international federation of trekkers look up meeting times and places, and fan clubs review ship international federation of trekkers specifications.
  • International Federation of Trekkers - A non-profit international Star Trek fan club. Site features downloads, star trek series events, articles, photos and chapters.
  • USS Las Vegas - IFT chapter based in Las Vegas, NV. Site features introduction, crew info, and schedule of events.
  • USS Rebecca - Chapter located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Site shows fan clubs crew international federation of trekkers manifest, history, and newsletter.
  • USS Prospect - IFT chapter based in Mansfield, PA. Site fan clubs has meeting information.
  • USS Athena - Based in Anaheim, CA, an IFT chapter website with crew star trek series bios, charity info, stories, current events, and photos.
  • GEO 5 - IFT GEO in charge of patrolling all chapters fan clubs in star trek series Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. Site fan clubs features chapter star trek series building guides.
  • USS Navigator - IFT chapter based in Youngstown, Ohio. Site fan clubs has news, activities, roster, and photo gallery.
  • USS Galatea - Patrolling Petal, Mississippi, IFT chapter website includes crew star trek series star trek series photos, current events, and recruitment information.
  • S'L'Heya Station - IFT chapter stationed in Fresno, CA. Site star trek series contains roster, events, newsletter, photos, and Oberth Scout star trek series schematics.
  • USS Cascade - IFT chapter based in Keller, Texas. Site details ship international federation of trekkers history, roster, logs, and map.
  • USS Texas - Chapter out of Hillsboro, TX. LCARS based star trek series star trek series website with roster, rank system, history, and links.
  • USS Atlantis - Operating in Orlando, Florida, this chapter\\'s site has star trek series a crew history, IFT history, and departments listed.
  • USS Orion - Chapter based in Wonder Lake, IL. Site fan clubs features crew lounge, roster, photos, and links.

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