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An archive for stories that are not yet completed, including series stories, and to provide access for new stories before they've been added to the main Gossamer sites.

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  • fran58's Fanfiction Addiction - Features new and lessor known fan fiction writers.
  • Chiaraphile's Home for Wayward Philes - Humorous stories and romances focusing on Mulder and Scully, with fan fiction a small section of stories about Krycek.
  • Roseh20's Fanfiction From the Heart - Offers humorous and alternate universe stories, Mulder/Scully romances, and poems.
  • The Animal Files - Stories centered around animals, including Scully\'s ill-fated pooch, Queequeg.
  • Works in Progress and Update Archives - An archive for stories that are not yet completed, including fan works series stories, and to provide access for new stories before fan works they\'ve been added to the main Gossamer sites.
  • Doggett Torture Anonymous - Stories feature the character in mental, emotional, or fan works physical fan works distress.
  • Ephemeral - Autoarchive of stories from the newsgroup.
  • The Truth is a Lie - Poems and stories by Tim Flanders and friends.
  • Further X-Plorations - This post-episode collection features stories from more than 80 authors.
  • AV's X-Files Fanfic Collection - Links and archive of works; submissions accepted.
  • 2002 Spooky Awards - Home of the annual contest for the best fan works stories posted to the news group. Includes fan works links to winning stories for 2002 and information fan works about the competition.
  • I Made This Productions - Virtual seasons 8 and 9. Stories are illustrated x-files, the and x-files, the accompanied by animated trailers. New episodes air x-files, the weekly on x-files, the Fridays.
  • The Gossamer Project - Archive and mirror sites containing stories. Search x-files, the by title, author, or category. All listings x-files, the are rated; most contain a short summary and x-files, the the length of the story.
  • Zuffy's X-Files - Humorous and analytical stories, as well as essays fan fiction on fan fiction symbolism and meaning in the series.
  • You Are My Touchstone - Mulder/Scully romances and story challenges, as well as fan fiction multimedia fan works and downloadable buttons and icons.
  • Samantha Alana Mulder's X-Files Page - Angst, Mulder/Scully romances, and humor stories. Some fiction fan fiction is only available via an e-mail link to fan fiction the author. Also includes a small section of fan fiction Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z stories.
  • Buffy/X-Files Crossover Fan Fiction - Offers four fan fiction stories.
  • Lara's Favorites - A wide variety of stories, many Mulder/Scully romances, with reviews.
  • Incredibly Short Fic - Stories about series characters that won\'t take long to read.
  • The Wicked X Witches Page of Badfic Punishment - Critiques of stories, beta reader services, and a fan works contest fan fiction to select the worst stories on the fan works Web.
  • The Hex Files - Offers spoofs parodying five seasons of the show fan fiction in fan works script format (available as MSWord and Works fan fiction for Windows fan works 4.0 zipped files). A similar spoof fan fiction of the movie fan works also can be downloaded.
  • The Anti Diana Fowley Archive - All stories bash, kill, or torment the character fan fiction physically fan fiction or emotionally.
  • The Truth Distorted - Focuses on stories in which Mulder or Scully fan fiction or fan works both are working for the Consortium.
  • Angst Archive - Angsty Mulder/Scully stories by various authors.
  • The Haunted House Archive - Halloween-related stories and works that include include ghostly fan works or x-files, the paranormal elements.
  • The X-Files: Fan Tribute - Contains fan fiction and picture collages.
  • "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Sitcom-esque fanfic based on the friendship of Mulder, Krycek and all their friends. Includes character profiles and reviews.
  • Filking Through the Conspiracies of Life - An archive containing dozens of filks.

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