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Vickie Moseley's hurt/comfort stories focusing on Mulder, including many award-winners. Also contains stories written in collaboration with other authors.

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  • X Files Stories by Mary Ruth Keller - A long series of alternate universe stories exploring fan works the authors conspiracy arc in depth. No romance.
  • Xgirl's X-Files X-perience - Collection of stories, episode commentary, custom images, and fan works articles authors and reviews.
  • Gabi's X-Files FanFic - Scully-centered vignettes, poems, and parodies.
  • Jen's X-Files Fanfic - Mulder/Scully romance stories, with a dash of mild hurt/comfort for Mulder, and a variety of holiday stories.
  • Smokerfanfics - Mulder/Scully romance and crossovers with situation comedy series, authors including Seinfeld and South Park.
  • Spookycc's Fan Fiction - Stories focused on the romance between Scully and Doggett.
  • Xphila's Shippy X Files Fan Fic - Mulder/Scully romance stories and poetry.
  • X-Files Fanfiction by Horatio - Stand-alone and series stories focused on Doggett and authors Scully.
  • The Federal Bureau of Imagination - Stories by Julie Cantrell, including Mulder/Scully romances and fiction exploring fan fiction more minor characters, such as Jeffrey Spender and Margaret Scully. fan fiction Also contains collages, poetry, and postcards.
  • Tracy's X Files Fan Fiction - Romance stories and poems, including holiday challenges and 155-word pieces.
  • Shippy Fan Fic - TeddiBear's Mulder/Scully romance stories.
  • Kate Dyer, X-Files Fan Fic Author - A variety of fiction ranging from Mulder/Scully romance fan fiction to fan works case files to Scully/Krycek romance and holiday fan fiction stories.
  • Writing Machine Central - Jeannine Ackerson\'s stories, the majority of which are Mulder/Scully romances.
  • Motel Blu Neon - Archive of stories previously posted to various news groups. Includes fan fiction original fiction and nonfiction works, as well as series-related and fan fiction original artworks.
  • Spooky Jr. - Humor, Mulder/Scully romances, and hurt/comfort stories.
  • Wanting to Believe - Josh Schirmer\\'s mythology and episode-based stories, as well fan works as fan works humor and poetry.
  • My Stories - Sarah Josephine\\'s stories include Mulder/Scully romance, crossovers, humor, fan fiction holiday fiction, and case files. Also contains some fan fiction original fiction.
  • Erin M. Blair's Relationshipper Fanfiction - A series of stories in which Mulder and fan fiction Scully fan fiction are married, along with alternate universe stories fan fiction and crossovers.
  • Euphrosyne's Land O' Lethargy - Intentionally bad Mulder/Scully romances (also called "badfic.")
  • X-Files Fan Fiction of Kristy Anderson - Includes series, stories, and vignettes.
  • FanFic eXit - Stories and poems by Xphile 324. Mostly Mulder/Scully fiction.
  • Humor Hut - A variety of humorous stories by Heather Scotland, including Mulder/Scully authors romance and fiction that puts the characters in comic situations.
  • Angelic Nights - Various short and long works by ScullyTiger51, including Doggett/Reyes romance fan works stories.
  • Sandra's X-Files Fanfic - Post-episode vignettes, humor, and Mulder/Scully romances written by Sanda Winarta.
  • Kingdom of X - Stories and vignettes, most focusing on Mulder. Also fan fiction includes slide shows and "Signs You\\'re Still Addicted fan fiction to \'The X-Files.'"
  • Eileen S. Whipple's X-Files Fan Fiction - Includes poetry, holiday and conspiracy stories, Mulder/Scully romances, authors and stories fan works about Scully and her sister Melissa authors as teen-agers.
  • Vickie's Mulderfest - Vickie Moseley\\'s hurt/comfort stories focusing on Mulder, including fan fiction many authors award-winners. Also contains stories written in collaboration fan fiction with other authors authors.
  • Alien X-ing - Alien Girl\\'s stories and humorous art, including a fan fiction romantic adventure series in which the characters travel fan fiction around the world.
  • Xscout's Hollow - Angsty stories and Mulder/Scully romances, many involving hurt/comfort authors for Mulder. Also offers collages, artwork, photo manipulations, authors and images of Mulder and Scully as anthropomorphic authors cartoon animals.
  • Ally's Fic - Scully-centered stories include Mulder/Scully romance, spoofs, and authors case files.
  • Leigh Alexander's Realm of Dreams - Includes a variety of Scully-centered stories.

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