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Manufacturer of cellulose diacetate film. Product range; gauges from 14µ to 500µ, clear, matt, semi-matt finishes and color .Includes product history and technical data in pdf format .

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  • Policrom, Inc - Specialty plastic film and paper for the graphic film arts and printing industries. Products include masking films, film and printable plastic films.
  • Lofo - High Tech Film Gmbh - Specialist in high tech solvent cast films and high quality film, sheet, and tape laminating films (opp) for electrical, electronic, optical and medical applications.
  • Renolit AG - Germany. Manufacturers of polymer films for office organization film products, self-adhesive applications, surface finishing of furniture and film lamination of window profiles.
  • American Polyfilm - Manufacturing of polyurethane blown film for textile, aerospace, and emblem film industries.
  • Acordis Acetate Chemicals Ltd - Manufacturer of cellulose diacetate film. Product range; gauges film from 14µ to 500µ, clear, matt, semi-matt finishes film and color .Includes product history and technical data film in pdf format .
  • SOE First Polyester Films Co - Manufacture of polyester film suitable for vacuum metalization, laminating, coating, manufactured product package strutures and for audio and video tape.
  • Shadow Plastics Inc - Manufacturers of low , linear low and high manufactured product density film polyethylene film. End products can consist of: manufactured product flat tubing, film gusseted tubing, and sheeting.
  • Shrink Wrap Solutions, Inc - Supplier of shrink films and accessories available in film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses, colors to film, sheet, film, sheet, and tape and tape meet a range of applications.
  • Athlone Extrusions PLC - European manufacturer of Polystyrene and ABS plastic sheet and film film, sheet, and tape for use in commercial, industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors.
  • DuPont High Performance Materials - Supplier of polyimide film for use in various electrical and electronic applications. Includes product properties, general specifications and applications.
  • Guolene Plastic Films Sdn Bhd - Manufacturer of biaxial oriented polypropylene film, cast polypropylene manufactured product film, metallized film and metallized PET film.
  • Fait Plast SpA - Italy. Development and manufacture of a broad range film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape of breathable, waterproof, heat resistant, biodegradable, thermo-adhesive and film, sheet, film, sheet, and tape and tape elastomeric polymer films for technical and industrial applications. film, film, sheet, and tape sheet, and tape Also, PVC substitute films for high-frequency welding. E
  • EVC Rigid Film - Manufacturer of rigid PVC and other calendered plastic manufactured product films for packaging, office supplies and technical applications.
  • Plastic Connections, Inc. - Distributor and manufacturer representative of polyester, polypropylene, nylon, transparency, window films and laminations.
  • Tredegar Corporation - Manufacturer of plastic films and aluminum extrusions. Also manufactured product operate a biotech division that is developing a manufactured product variety of healthcare-related technologies. Features information on activities, manufactured product investor data, and newsroom. (NYSE: TG)
  • Van Leer Flexibles, L.P. - Manufacturer of high strength, oriented cross-laminated HDPE films, manufactured product V-MAX film, sheet, and tape HDPE printing films and other films.
  • CGPC Enduratex Vinyl Upholstery Fabrics - Manufacture a range of double polished clear (DPC) film, sheet, and tape film. Includes colored, printed, laminated and embossed varieties film, sheet, and tape in both flexible and rigid formulations.
  • Borouge Corp - United Arab Emirates. Manufacturers and distributors of polypropylene and polyethylene film, sheet, and tape film for packaging, molding, wire and cable and technical applications, film, sheet, and tape and fiber grade chips.
  • Multi-Plastics, Inc. - Manufacture rolls of thin gauge plastics for the film envelope, carton, label and printing industries.
  • Flex-O-Glass Inc. - Custom plastic film extrusion including skin packaging, blister packaging, coextrusion film and greenhouse film.
  • Alkor Draka BV - The Netherlands. Manufacturers of clear, plain colored, printed, embossed and flocked polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foils and laminated foams for stationery and medical applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical specifications. Glossary of te
  • Omniflex - USA. Manufacturers of standard and costume formulated cast-on-carrier, flat die film, sheet, and tape and blow extruded high-performance non-lubricated barrier, waterproof and breathable thermoplastic film, sheet, and tape elastomer films for outdoor apparel, adult incontinence, footwear, medical,
  • Wiman Corporation - Custom manufacturer of flexible PVC film and producer of heavy manufactured product gauge vinyl, prolypropylene, and olefin film.
  • LOFO - Solvent cast films from polycarbonate and triacatate for film electric, electronical, medical and optical applications.
  • Achilles - Custom manufacturer of calendered flexible and semi-rigid PVC, flexible alloy blends, and olefin film.

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