Film, Sheet, and Tape Manufactured Product Plastics Polymers

Manufacturing and fabricating plastic films and reinforced laminates, through, printing, slitting, fusion welding, heat sealing, and sewing of plastic film for a number of industries.

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  • Saturn Plastics Corp. - Manufacture of decorative cast acrylic sheets, rods, and film, sheet, and plastics tape balls in a range of colors, including pearl, film, sheet, plastics and tape glitter, marble, and granite.
  • Item Plastic Corp - Manufacturer of adhesive PVC color films, transferring tape, flex face, manufactured product static film and plastic sheets.
  • Rowland Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of high performance thermoplastic film and sheet for a wide variety of engineering and graphics applications.
  • Reef Industries, Inc. - Manufacturing and fabricating plastic films and reinforced laminates, plastics through, printing, slitting, fusion welding, heat sealing, and plastics sewing of plastic film for a number plastics of industries.
  • Shine Chi Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of hot stamping foil, transferring film and imitation gold leaves.
  • Plastic Suppliers, Inc. - Manufacturer, converter, and distributor of plastic film and manufactured product sheet film, sheet, and tape products for use in a wide variety manufactured product of applications. film, sheet, and tape Includes a tips and tools section.
  • Misubishi Polyester Film Group - Manufacturer of polyester film products used in packaging, plastics extrusion, video, imaging, capacitor and thermo transfer applications.
  • Dunmore Corp - Produces engineered coated, laminated, and metalized films. Complete film, sheet, and manufactured product tape clean room environment, and a pilot coating facility.
  • Shinil Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of polypropylene, nylon6, nylon66, nanocomposite nylon, PBT, PC, adhesive film, and breathable film. Compounding services.
  • Tape Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers and distributors of vinyl and adhesive-coated films, manufactured product reflective plastics and magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products and manufactured product inkjet media.
  • Centriforce - Plastic extruded sheet and board products, and profiles used in agriculture, construction, industry, and municipal and leisure applications.
  • Autoadesivi s.r.l - Manufacture refractive fabrics and sheetings, holographic films and self-adhesive paper plastics .
  • Electronic Systems spa - Gauging thickness weight and moisture measuring, defects inspection, process automation and control systems for the plastic films and rubber industries.
  • Daya Tarpaulin Products Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of PVC tarpaulin used in Back-lit, Front-lit, Banners, Awning, plastics Tents, Oil boom, Boat cover, Greenhouse.
  • Advanced Membrane Systems - Manufacturer of micro-porous membranes for use in alkaline/lithium plastics batteries, fuel manufactured product cells and filtration equipment.
  • Blue Ribbon Label Corp. - Industrial roll labels, packaging, advertising, pin feed and film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape laser sheets.
  • Kl√∂ckner Pentaplast of America, Inc. - Specializing in the custom extrusion of plastic sheet, plastics rollstock, and manufactured product film of polystyrene and polypropylene used plastics for conductive packaging material.
  • IDE Insulation Products - Manufacture, distribution and transformation of a complete range film, sheet, and tape of electrical and thermal insulation.
  • Greencorp Magnetics Pty Ltd - Manufacturer of magnetic stripe and audio cassette tape.
  • Glitron Products - Manufacturers of precision cut glitter powders for product enhancement, fashion film, sheet, and tape and cosmetics, and craft and coating applications, from metal coated film, sheet, and tape polyester film. Material safety data sheets.
  • Protect-all, Inc. - Manufacturer of standard and premium clarity laminating films plastics as well manufactured product as specialty and custom lamination products.
  • Transilwrap Co., Inc - USA. Manufacturing and converting plastics for the thermal film, sheet, and plastics tape laminating, printing, industrial, specialty packaging and graphic arts film, sheet, plastics and tape markets.
  • Tocana - Manufacturer of printable plastic substrates and adhesives. Dublin, film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape Ireland.
  • Thai KK Industry - Manufactures stickers, adhesive tapes, PCV insulating tapes. Also, manufactured product melamine plastics and urea molding compounds, and glazing resins.
  • Hop Industries Corporation - Supplier of rigid PVC rolls, sheets, and films, film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape synthetic paper products, as well as office and film, sheet, film, sheet, and tape and tape presentation products.
  • Plastics America - Distributes and fabricates a range of plastic sheet, manufactured product rod film, sheet, and tape and tube, including engineering plastics and manufactured product P.O.P. displays. film, sheet, and tape Manufactures sound enclosure for drums.
  • Diaures Group - Group of companies, active in mechanical engineering, self-adhesive film, sheet, and film, sheet, and tape tape tapes, holographic paper and plastic sheets, and publishing.
  • ATP Adhesive Systems AG - Switzerland. Development and manufacture of solvent-free and recyclable, one- and manufactured product double-sided adhesive tapes, and adhesive and non-adhesive thermosetting films for manufactured product applications in the textile, automotive, construction, plastics, paper, aviation, electric
  • Bemis Associates, Inc. - Manufactures heat seal film adhesives, coatings and tapes to a broad range of industries.UK
  • Smith & Nephew Extruded Films, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers of films, foam, polymeric nets and plastics tapes for film, sheet, and tape the medical and industrial sectors.

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