Sheet Film, Sheet, and Tape Manufactured Product Plastics

Offers thermoplastic sheet and roll goods. Including corrosion-resistant sheets, fire safe sheets and PVC foamboard. Includes a news and events section.

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  • Tins' Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd. - Produce semi-rigid and flexible pvc sheets. The company also manufacture film, sheet, and tape leathercloth by the calendering and the transfer coating methods. Hong film, sheet, and tape Kong.
  • King Plastic Corp - Plastic sheets and cutting boards for marine, engraving, architectural and radiation control applications.
  • HPG International, Inc. - Offers thermoplastic sheet and roll goods. Including corrosion-resistant sheet sheets, fire manufactured product safe sheets and PVC foamboard. Includes sheet a news and events manufactured product section.
  • Megara Pty., Ltd - Australia. Manufacturers of polypropylene sheet material and finished products for stationery, display and consumer packaging applications. Technical information on PDF files.
  • Goex Inc. - Manufactures rigid plastic sheet and roll-stock in custom colors. Materials film, sheet, and tape include polycarbonate, copolyester, high impact PVC and PETG. Gauges from film, sheet, and tape .010 to .070.
  • Ilheung Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd. - PVC, PP, PE plastic sheet extrusion company.
  • Precision Polymer Processors - Manufacturing extruded cellulosics, polished cellulosics, optical grade polycarbonate sheeting for film, sheet, and tape IR protection, laser protection, and welding filter grade sheet.
  • Igoodz, Inc. - Magnetic vinyl sheeting for industry, crafts and signs in sheet or roll.
  • Palram Industries - Manufacturer of flat and corrugated, rigid and foamed, thermoplastic sheets manufactured product from polycarbonate, PVC, acrylic, PETG and other materials.
  • Environment Care Systems GmbH. - Development and manufacture of sheeting and laminates for sheet consumer products manufactured product in personal care, home, garden, sheet amenity, agriculture, and for manufactured product the professional pest control sheet in Andernach, Germany.
  • Canadian General-Tower, Ltd - Canada. Manufacturers of custom formulated, calendered, printed, laminated and embossed film, sheet, and tape thermoplastic sheeting for automotive, pool liner, roofing, decking, containment, pond film, sheet, and tape liner and stationery applications.
  • Jang Foh Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of cast acrylic sheets, acrylic products and film, sheet, and tape raw material.
  • Bixby International Corp - Extruders and laminators of mono- and multilayer polymer sheets. Also, manufactured product prototype and product development services.
  • Sheffield Plastics Inc. - Manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic sheeting.
  • Rocheux International, Inc - USA. Importers and distributors of rigid and flexible sheet vinyl, polypropylene, film, sheet, and tape polyester and a range of specialty sheet plastics for decoration, furnishing, film, sheet, and tape geotechnical, packaging and industrial sheet applications.

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