Mold Making Tools and Equipment Molding Processing Methods

Manufactures plastics molding systems and specialized tooling, including hot runner gates, and quick mold change, sequence control and co-injection systems.

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  • Pro-Cise, Inc - Designs and manufactures prototype and production molds. Also, part and tool design. Utilizes CAD software and modern CNC machining centers.
  • Summit Design Inc - Mold producer using 3D mold design, solid surface, molding and files for core, cavity also molding available.
  • Precise Mold & Engineering Inc - Specializing in the engineering and building of injection molding molds and tools and equipment dies for the plastics and die molding casting industry.
  • Ningbo Die Co., Ltd - Design and manufacture of plastic molds for the mold making air-conditioning, automotive and computer industries.
  • Pelco Tool and Mold, Inc - Custom design and manufacture of cavity and insert molds for the plastics processing industry.
  • ARC Machine Inc - Steel, cast iron and aluminium injection and extrusion mold making molds mold making for the rubber industry.
  • Maumee Pattern Co - Full CAD/CAM design of tools for CNC machining. Lost foam molding tooling, die cast dies, and other metal working needs.
  • Tomken Tool - Provides mold making and tooling, custom molding, sampling and validation mold making of parts and the sale of MCP miniature molding machines.
  • Precision Mold Base Corp - Maker of custom mold bases for the plastic mold making injection mold making and diecast industries.
  • Zaklad Narzedziowy - Tool production factory. Injection molds, cutting tools, gauges, molding stamping dies, assembly and inspection stands.
  • S.K.E. Co, Ltd. - Engineering, manufacturing and marketing plastic molds for export. molding Korea
  • Zimmermann Formenbau GmbH - Manufacture of complete plastic injection and compression mold and tool systems for the automobile industry. English and German.
  • Caco Pacific Corp - Custom mold maker offers, multi-cavity molds. multi-material, multi-color, tools and equipment molding injection, hot runner, stack molds, bolt-on systems.
  • Wye Valley Precision Engineering - Designs and manufactures precision rubber moldings. Post molding operations.
  • Soul Chain Mold & Tool Industrial Co.,Ltd - Custom design and manufacture of single and multiple cavity, insert and injection molds for automotive parts and plastic products. English and Chinese.
  • 2L Inc. - CNC machining and moldmaking. Complex 3D surfaces using molding the latest tools and equipment solid modeling CAD/CAM software
  • Choice Tool and Mold Inc. - Precision cavity molds for the automotive and medical tools and equipment molding products industries.
  • Pesco Injection Molds - Builds and delivers injection molds for presses up mold making to tools and equipment 1,000 tons. Also, specialist in insert and mold making shuttle molds.
  • Accede Mold & Tool Co., Inc. - Full service mold maker, offering design, manufacturing, and testing.
  • Freton Vacform Ltd. - Design, pattern and mold making. Also, vacuum-forming, CNC tools and equipment trimming, fabrication, assembly and finishing.
  • L&Z Tool & Engineering - Designer and builder of plastic injection molds, CAD/CAM, 3d modeling, CNC machining centers, EDM and wire EDM. Design and build die cast dies and compression molds.
  • Sa Chen Steel Mold Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of plastic steel molds and precision molds mold making for tools and equipment consumer electronic components.
  • Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd - Design and manufacture of plastic injection molds, die casting dies, molding and metal stamping dies.
  • Apex Mold and Die Corp - Custom design and manufacture of hot runner systems, mold making automatic molding unscrewing molds, and precision molds, dies and mold making tools. Also, molding rapid tooling and prototyping services, plastic mold making injection moldes parts, molding and ancillary operations.
  • Unitek Srl - Manufacturing molds for plastic moulding of components for mold making vehicles, molding electrical household appliances and designed household furnishings. mold making English, Italian molding and German.
  • Zen Molds, Inc. - CNC machining and moldmaking. Complex 3D surfaces using the latest tools and equipment solid modeling CAD/CAM software. A full service precision moldmaking company, tools and equipment designs and manufacturers custom aluminum molds.
  • Bowers Molds Inc. - Manufacturer of electroformed rotational molds. Specializing in molds for complex hollow cavities.
  • Midwest Tooling Group - Manufactures molds for plastic processes including: gas tools and equipment assisted molding, overmolding, pultrusion, blow molding, vacuum tools and equipment forming, and compression molding.
  • Carlson Tool & Manufacturing Corp. - Tooling and engineering facility specializing in tool and die manufacture, plastic molds and deep hole gun drilling.
  • Molds and More - Offers customized products for the automotive, aerospace, medical, molding and the molding fitness industries, via complex mold capability.
  • PP Injection Moulds and Mouldings Ltd. - A long established toolmaking and trade molding company, serving the tools and equipment plastics industry.
  • Incoe Corp - Manufactures plastics molding systems and specialized tooling, including mold making hot tools and equipment runner gates, and quick mold change, sequence mold making control and tools and equipment co-injection systems.
  • Levi Tool & Mold - Manufactures plastic molds, specializes in parts development, design, prototypes, tooling, tools and equipment fixturing and assembly.
  • Pioch Company - Manufactures tools, molds and plastic components such as electrical insulation, terminals, conduits and bushings.
  • Texas Toolmakers, Inc. - Plastic injection and die cast moldmaking, tool and tools and equipment die, CNC and conventional machining, certified welding, precision tools and equipment sheetmetal work and turnkey fabrications.
  • Omnia Stampi Srl - Medium size molds for die casting and injection tools and equipment molding molding of thermoplastic resins.
  • Euro-Tech Mfg, Inc. - Mold and die maker that offers prototype to short run tools and equipment services in both injection molding and metal stamping.
  • RM Alderton Designs Ltd - UK. Specialists in the design and development of molding components and precision mould tooling for the molding plastics industry, offering product, mechanical and injection mould molding tool design, mould flow analysis, prototypes and project molding management. Includes information
  • Sedtek - Design and manufacture of silicon molds for the cosmetic, health molding care and pharmaceutical industries. Supplies vacuum form tooling.
  • Advanced Electroforming Inc. - Electroforming nickel tools for intricate shapes and sizes of resin transfer, vacuum forming, reaction injection and rotational molds.
  • A.F. Gaskin Ltd - Manufactures injection and diecast moulds for the automotive, mold making computer tools and equipment and telecommunications industries. Machinist for the formula mold making one racing tools and equipment industry.
  • Productool Ltd - Manufacturer of tooling for rigid and flexible profile extrusion, and tools and equipment co-extrusion, cross heads for laying plastics onto wood and metals.
  • B&B Precision Tool Co - Custom design and manufacture of precision tools and molding molds for mold making the plastics processing industry. Full service molding machining and finishing.
  • Polyshot Corp - Manufacturer of runnerless molding systems for plastic injection molding. Molds molding for the medical, electronic, automotive and other industries.
  • Jia Li Lai Plastic Mold Co - Plastic molds with deep hole surfaces achieved by tools and equipment super-sonic grinding technology from Germany. Vacuum heat tools and equipment treatment offered.

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