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Patterns and moulds and prototyping component pieces for fibreglass and plastics. Flock coating to display, and PVC coating to flexible foams. Australia.

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  • Rojac Patterns Limited - Mould, pattern and model maker to the automotive, aerospace and patterns motorsport industries with moulds up to 20 tonnes. CADCAM patterns and CNC machining, online project management.
  • Infinity Industries - Patterns and moulds and prototyping component pieces for fibreglass and tools and equipment plastics. Flock coating to display, and PVC coating to tools and equipment flexible foams. Australia.
  • Freeman Mfg - Pattern shop, mold and model shop, prototyping shop, build, repair, tools and equipment alter or duplicate patterns, molds, models, prototypes and castings
  • Dial Patterns Ltd - Patterns manufactured for various parts including both injection tools and equipment and blow moulds.
  • Midwest Patterns, Inc. - Specializing in pattern making for EPS, EPP, foam-in-place mold making fixtures, thermoforming, pressure forming, twin sheet, blow molds, mold making RIM molds, rotational molds.
  • Central Pattern - Manufacturing of patterns, castings,I-DEAS solid models, prototype machining, tools and equipment and rapid prototyping for the automotive, and heavy tools and equipment equipment industries.
  • Bakers Patterns - Specializing in manufacturing polystyrene patterns with particular focus tools and equipment on automotive presstool patterns.
  • Hampel Corp. - Pattern makers, toolmakers, molding experts. Prototype molded using tools and equipment mold making a precision built pattern. These molds are used tools and equipment mold making for evaluation.
  • MPM Company - Wood and metal patterns, prototypes, machining, tooling, castings, mold making Permanent patterns molds, plastic injection molds.
  • Bahr Brothers, Mfg., Inc - Offers plastic, polymer, wood and styrofoam patterns. Two full-time pattern makers, milling capabilities and multiple drill presses.
  • Willamette Pattern Works, Inc - Wooden patterns, core boxes and tooling for a mold making patterns variety of requirements. Plastic laminating capabilities to mold making produce plastic patterns and fiberglass molds, core boxes, jigs mold making and fixtures.
  • Sussex Pattern Company Ltd. - Specialist composite engineers, and pattern and model makers for the tools and equipment radar and communications industries.
  • United Industries, Inc. - Patterns of wood, metal or plastic for any patterns moulding patterns process. Not limited by size, detail patterns or tolerances, crafted to patterns produce castings requiring minimum patterns machining
  • Heise Industries - Patterns for blow molds providing 2D and 3D design and solid modeling. Design and manufacturing.
  • Alcar Design Services, Inc. - Mold modeling with CATIA. Providing molds, patterns, gages, CMM fixtures and models.
  • Trend Tooling - Models and patterns, aluminum molds and plate fabricated molds. Specialize in incorporation of different textures.

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