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Manufacture and export a variety of headphones such as headsets with and without microphone, and USB, call center, and telephone headsets. USA.

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  • Abeier Electronics - Manufacture and export a variety of headphones such electronics as headsets with and without microphone, and USB, electronics call center, and telephone headsets. USA.
  • Ultrasone - Makes and design a range of headphone using audio a natural electronics surround sound principle. USA.
  • Ningbo Yueny Electronic - Manufacture and exporter of IR wireless headphones and headphones transmitter, and audio noise cancelling headphones. China.
  • E.D.G.E. Acoustics - Makes and design gaming earphones.
  • Safe Sound Sports - Manufacturer and vendor of portable audio headsets. USA.
  • Sumajin Smartwrap - Provides an headphones wire wrap organizer.
  • Hear Technologies - Manufacturer of solutions for personal monitor mixing and other professional audio equipment.
  • Accutone Technologies - Manufacturer of telephony headsets with inbuilt amplifier, transcription audio and dictation audio headsets, loud speakers, microphones, and earphones. audio Based in Hong Kong.
  • Everstars Co.,Ltd - Stereo metal earphones supplier. China.
  • Etymotic Research - Research, development and manufacturing company which provides hearing audio products for audio hearing practitioners, hearing-impaired consumers, professional and audio amateur musicians. USA.
  • Milian Acoustics - Manufacturer of isolation headphones and accessories, and custom headphones audio interconnect audio cables. USA.
  • Palm Garden Enterprises Corp. - Designer and manufacturer of headphone and related products.
  • Gaiatek - Makes an earphone equipped with the magnetic ear clip that doesn\'t need to be plugged directly into ears. Taiwan.
  • Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of headset with and without microphone, and acoustic components headphones and accessories.
  • Stax - Electrostatic headphones manufacturer.
  • Beyerdynamic - Manufacturer of headphones, microphones and related products for conference, performance, headphones broadcast, consumer and aviation uses. Company, product and service Information; headphones press releases.
  • Taiwan Zero Electronics - Manufacturer of OEM and ODM hearing aids, security electronics system and electronics military headset.
  • Icombi - Manufacturer of wireless mono and stereo headset.
  • Guangzhou Geovictor Electronics Technology - Manufacturer of headset, headphone, bluetooth headset and MP3 player.
  • Amaoto - From Taiwan, a wide range of speaker components and headphones.
  • ATP Systems - Design, manufacturing and direct sales of headphone amplifiers headphones and related audio electronic equipment.
  • Tune Rite Electronics Co Ltd - Manufacturers of multimedia headsets, stereo headphones and earphones, cellular headsets, headphones and computer microphones. Based in Hong Kong.
  • Unwired Technology - US infrared cordless headphone manufacturer, models available for headphones automobile use.
  • Commercial Headphones - Specializing in stereo headphones and sound domes for heavy duty headphones or commercial applications.

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