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International seed company that develops, produces and sells high-yielding corn, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa, canola, and wheat seeds plus silage and hay inoculants.

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  • BRI Australia Limited - Offers research, training and laboratory services for the grains and legumes food and related products grain, flour milling, processing and baking industries. Company grains and legumes food and related products details, services, publications, training events and membership details. grains and legumes food and related products Australia.
  • Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of cotton yarn, cattle feed, food and related food and related products products wheat products, and edible oils. India.
  • Omalley Grain - Sells white and yellow corn for food processing.
  • Zinda Products - Canadian industrial couscous manufacturer.
  • Anita's Organic Grain & Flour Mill Ltd. - Certified organic grains, stone-ground flours, flakes, and mixes. Located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Can-Oat Milling - Processes raw oats into intermediate and finished food grains and legumes business products. Includes company profile and history, product information, grains and legumes business and contact details.
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company - Processor and exporter of cereal grains and oilseeds. food and related products Company profile, detailed product information, and contact information.
  • Keystone Grain Ltd. - Processes and exports sunflowers for snacks, cooking ingredients food and related grains and legumes products and bird food. Includes list of products, food and grains and legumes related products photos and contact information.
  • Great Indian Bazaar: MANDI - Exporter of rice, basmati rice, non-basmati rice, white rice, parboiled rice, sesame seeds, spices, peanuts, food, wheat flour, soybean meal and tea.
  • Quaker - This unit of PepsiCo produces breakfast cereals, snacks, rice and food and related products pasta. Includes details of branded products and access to recipe food and related products database.
  • Multigrain - Offers a wide range of grains, feedstuffs and business protein meals for shipment worldwide.
  • Golden Grain Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Exporter of Thai, brown and organic rice, beans grains and legumes and foodstuffs. Company, product and facility details. Banglumpoolang, grains and legumes Klongsarn, Bangkok.
  • Coach's Oats - Producer of cereal, cookies, dough and airline snacks, with company business history and sales information. Yorba Linda, California, USA.
  • The Kellogg Company - A producer of cereal and convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, frozen waffles, meat alternatives, pie crusts and cones.
  • Cerealia - Develops, produces and markets cereal-based foods. It is one of grains and legumes the larger food groups in the Nordic countries.
  • Central Bean Company - Offers company overview with online ordering, and features recipes, storage grains and legumes and preparation tips, and health information.
  • Meneba Meel B.V. - European producer of grain-based ingredients for bakers and food, feed food and related products and non-food producers world-wide. The export division of Meneba is food and related products called World Flour.
  • Hansen-Mueller Co. - Provides an individualized approach to grain merchandising through price discovery, grains and legumes marketing, transportation and logistics throughout the world.
  • Anderson Commodities, Inc. - Marketing agricultural finished products throughout the world. Focused on the grains and legumes soymilk and tofu markets. Mentor, Minnesota.
  • Odlum Group Ltd. - Operating flour and oatmeal mills in Ireland, with food and related products international sales of branded cereals and baking ingredients. food and related products Includes lists of products and international distributors.
  • Sunnyland Mills - Manufacturer of traditional and organic bulgur wheat, pearled durum, specialty grains, supplying food distributors, health food manufacturers, and exporters.
  • Parrheim Foods - Manufacturer of vegetable protein, starches and fiber for food and related business products the food processing industry.
  • Bartlett Grain - Traders of buckwheat, lupin meal, pulses, containerised wheat, food and related business products barley, sorghum, oats as well as animal/vegetable proteins.
  • Bunge - Global food, commodity and agribusiness company. Producer of fertilizer, processed grains and soybeans, and serves the foodservice and consumer markets.
  • Farm Products, SRL - Producers and exporters of non traditional grains from Argentina.
  • London Agricultural Commodities, Inc. - Ontario based grain marketers; dealing in grain, soybeans, food and related business products millfeeds - storage, shipment and cleaning.
  • China Grains and Oils Group Corporation (CGOG) - Covering the areas of domestic trade, imports and business exports, storage and transportation, and grain, oil, food business and feedstuff processing and service. Includes a company business profile. Located in Beijing. [Chinese and English]
  • Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory - Provides news, analysis, marketing strategies and local grain grains and legumes prices for western Canadian grains, oilseeds and special grains and legumes crops.
  • European Natural Soyfoods Manufacturers Association - ENSA represents the interests of whole soybean food business manufacturers in Europe. Includes news and health business articles.
  • Grace Exports - India based manufacturer and exporter of grains, fruits, vegetables, and rices. Company profile, management information, and product details.
  • Canadian Grain Commission - Main activities include the regulation of grain handling business in Canada, food and related products and the establishment and maintenance of business standards of quality for food and related products Canadian grains.
  • Montana Milling, Inc. - Supplying high protein wheat and other bulk food grains.
  • Northern Seed Production - Suppliers of popcorn (unpopped) kernels for human consumption. Offers product grains and legumes and contact details.
  • Quinoa Foods Company - Wholesaler of organic quinoa in the form of whole grain, food and related products flakes, and flour. Located in La Paz, Bolivia. Includes details food and related products on the company, and grain, news and recipes.
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - International seed company that develops, produces and sells grains and legumes high-yielding corn, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa, canola, and wheat grains and legumes seeds plus silage and hay inoculants.
  • Lancaster Colony Corporation - Manufactures and markets food products, including salad dressings and sauces, business frozen unbaked pies, hearth-baked frozen breads and frozen specialty noodles business and pastas. (Nasdaq: LANC).
  • Columbia Bean & Produce Company, Inc. - Supplies food service corporations, grocery chains, and bulk food and related products food distributors with beans, peas, popcorns, rices and food and related products soup mixes. Moses Lake, Washington.
  • Ferguson's Fancy Beans - Worldwide supplier of edible beans in Ontario, Canada. business Ships products grains and legumes in containerized, bags and totes, breakbulk business and bulk forms.
  • dbc SMARTsoftware - Developers of commodity management and accounting applications for the food and related products grain and food processing industry.
  • Fill-More Seeds Inc. - Family owned business specializing in processing and exporting food and related products of Canadian grown pulse crops.
  • Sunny State Products - Whole kernel blue corn for tortilas, chips, and masa. Organic food and related products and non-organic grain available.
  • Solae Soy Company - Corporate site offering company overview and consumer grains and legumes information on soy, soy recipes, soy products and grains and legumes soy's health benefits.
  • General Mills, Inc. - Food processing company is a major producer of food and related grains and legumes products packaged consumer foods including flour, cereal, yogurt, snacks, food and grains and legumes related products baking mixes. Site has information for consumers and food grains and legumes and related products investors alike. Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota. (NYSE: grains and legumes food and related products GIS).
  • Feed Factors & David T Boyd - UK based shippers, importers and distributors of raw materials for grains and legumes human and animal feeds, including GM-free soya.
  • Alexandros Giliamis Joint Stock Commercial and Industrial Company - Processor of rice and legumes. Company profile, product, and contact food and related products details.
  • Purity Foods, Inc. - Offers pasta, spelt flour, beans, seeds and grains, grains and legumes dried fruits and nuts, and branded products.

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