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Makers of Farkay style, Chow Mein style, steamed style, broad style, Wuntun style, and steam fried style noodles. Recipes section.

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  • JSL Foods, Inc. - Produces noodles, pasta, wrappers and backed goods including noodles the almond food and related products and fortune Chinese-style cookies. Company history, noodles related companies, products and food and related products recipes. Los Angeles, California, noodles USA.
  • Nissin Foods - Offers instant oriental noodle products.
  • Northwest Foods - Makers of Farkay style, Chow Mein style, steamed style, broad style, Wuntun style, and steam fried style noodles. Recipes section.
  • Triple Noodle and Food Co. Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of oriental flavored noodles.
  • Shan Feng Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of different flavors of noodles; yam, green tea, food and related products blue-green algae and whole wheat.
  • Mark Wings Noodle Mfg. - Wholesale and retail noodle manufacturing located in western Canada.
  • ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH - German producer of pasta and egg noodles. Company grains and legumes noodles profile and product information.
  • Sitthinan Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of instant mung bean vermicelli(glass noodles), mung grains and legumes bean starch and tapioca starch.
  • Myojo Foods Company (Singapore) Private Limited - Manufacturer of instant noodles.
  • Tai Ann Noodles - Offering assorted noodle products.
  • AAA Noodle Product Manufactory, Ltd. - Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of a variety of noodle noodles products.
  • Miliket Food Grains and Foodstuffs Enterprise - Produces and exports flavored instant noodles. Ho Chi noodles Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Ranick International Ltd. - Noodle manufacturing company supplying supermarkets globally.
  • Hakubaku Noodles - Produces dried noodle products for the highly discerning Japanese market.
  • Twin Marquis, Inc. - Noodle and wrapper manufacturer based in Brooklyn, New York. Offers food and related products product and contact information.
  • Cheong Lung Ltd - Manufacturer of noodles and pastry.
  • Monterey Gourmet Foods - Produces pasta and sauces, dips and spreads, prepared entrees, gourmet sausages and soups, grilled wraps and specialty cheeses. Includes the company\\'s history, product details and a store locator. Salinas, California, USA.
  • Vit Makamnan Sdn. Bhd. - Producer of a variety of Asian noodle items. grains and legumes Product information.
  • Wah King Noodle Company, Inc. - Produces Asian noodle products for food service and retail. Company noodles history, product details, and recipes are offered.
  • Sun Shun Fuk Foods Company Limited - Manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range grains and legumes includes noodle, cup noodle, macaroni, corn starch, chicken grains and legumes powder.
  • Quon Yick Chinese Noodles - Chinese noodle company located in Los Angeles, USA.
  • Chanh Khang - Manufacturers of rice paper, galletes de riz, and food and related products spring roll wrappers for export. Product details, images, food and related products and processing method included. Located in Vietnam.
  • QPhil Products International - Manufacturer of a variety of Asian noodles and flour sticks. grains and legumes Philippines.

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