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Supplier of snack, cereal, 3D and potato pellets, and pre-cooked pasta for lasagna. Company details, including history, products and industry events. Belluno, Veneto, Italy.

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  • Antico Pastificio Morelli - Italian producer of pasta products.
  • Selva Pasta - Turkish manufacturer of pasta products.
  • Zerega - Manufacturer of dry pasta for food processors, restaurant chains and pasta distributors.
  • Divella - Pasta, sauces, Italian food and oil, original recipes.
  • ANA - Iranian manufacturer of pasta, spaghetti and macaroni in noodles various shapes. pasta Product and contact information.
  • Pastificio Barbieri - Offers a range of pasta products.
  • Frogaroni - Offers frog shaped pasta.
  • Turri's Italian Foods. Inc. - Frozen ravioli, lasagna, pastas and other Italian specialties pasta manufactured for pasta the food service industry.
  • Costa Macaroni Mfg, Co. - Producers of a wide range of pasta and pasta egg noodle products. Company profile, detailed product information, pasta and contact details.
  • Pastificio Neroni - Italian pasta factory producing freshly made pasta. Includes noodles nutrition values and tech sheets.
  • Cuizina Italia - Full line manufacturer of fresh frozen cut and filled pastas, sauces and soups - specializing in custom formulations for food processors, food service and private label customers.
  • Costa Macaroni Mfg. Co. - Manufactures and supplies pasta products made with durum semolina. Includes recipes and pasta information. Los Angeles, California.
  • Pasta Foods Limited - Dried pasta, semolina, and snack pellets manufacturer to the food industry in the UK. Includes product details and news.
  • la sorgente srl - Italian pasta and gastronomy, lasagne, tortellini and gnocchi.
  • Catelli Pasta and Sauce - Offers product and nutritional information, recipes and cooking tips for its wide range of pastas and sauces.
  • V.AL.IN. - Supplier of snack, cereal, 3D and potato pellets, pasta and pre-cooked pasta for lasagna. Company details, including pasta history, products and industry events. Belluno, Veneto, Italy.
  • Yolanda Quality Foods, Inc. - Offers Italian pasta and pasta products. Company history, and product noodles and contact details.
  • De Cecco - Producer of Italian pasta. Products and recipes.
  • American Italian Pasta Company - Supplies branded pasta to marketers, distributors, and grocery grains and legumes retailers within North America. Displays a profile grains and legumes of the company and its product line, including grains and legumes pasta recipes; and information about employment and investment. grains and legumes Kansas City, MO. (NYSE: PLB
  • Soubry - Manufacturer and supplier of pasta and noodles for retail, food service and the food industry.
  • Casa Della Pasta - Pasta manufacturers and wholesalers in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Pasta Paone - Italian pasta producer, founded in 1878.
  • Nuh'un Ankara Makarnasi - Turkish pasta manufacturer.
  • Mediterranean Food - Production and distribution of typical Italian foods and wine.
  • OBA Food Industry Inc. - Turkish pasta producer.
  • Piyale La Fiamma - Pasta, dry soup mix, and wheat flour among noodles other products.
  • Barilla - Manufacturer\\'s corporate web site. Pasta, sauces, Italian food and wines, pasta original recipes, Italian cooking information, gastronomy and Mediterranean diet.
  • Pasta Fresca, Inc. - Manufacturer of pasta, sauces, soups and IQF dough products.
  • Bri-tal - Italian ready meals, pasta and chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables.
  • Pasta USA - An industrial ingredient pasta manufacturer including instant and noodles quick cook grains and legumes pasta.
  • Pasta Riscossa - Producers of a line of Italian pasta products. pasta Company profile and history, product details, and contact pasta form.
  • Zanellini Pasta Factory - Pasta made in Italy. Egg-pasta and durum wheat pasta semolina pasta.
  • Arnos - Produces vermicelli, noodles, lasagna, couscous and other pasta products. Includes descriptions, recipes and distribution areas in Romania.
  • Italpasta - Italpasta and Ovapasta; also makes private labels.

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