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Design and manufacture wireless data solutions for private RF networks, fixed and mobile. Products include radio modems, data terminals and related software. Features a media center and career opportunities.

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  • Wireless M2M, LLC - design, sell and service wireless monitoring and control industrial data systems industrial data to commercial customers. Includes product applications in industrial data pdf format.
  • HAL Communications Corp. - Manufacturer of data communications modems and related equipment telecommunications for the industrial data commercial, government and amateur radio market.
  • Cirronet Inc. - Designs and manufactures 900MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz spread equipment spectrum wireless modules, modems and Ethernet bridges for equipment industrial data communications.
  • Symmetricom, Inc. - Designs, manufactures and markets network synchronization systems and telecommunications intelligent access systems. Headquarters in San Jose, California.
  • Research In Motion Limited - Provides two-way wireless communication solutions. Current products include equipment handhelds with telecommunications email access and radio modems. Includes equipment an overview of products, telecommunications investor information, and career equipment opportunities.
  • Zebryk - Design and development of hardware and communications software equipment for mobile telecommunications industrial data applications.
  • Low Power Radio Solutions - Australian supply and support for the range of equipment low power telecommunications modules manufactured by LPRS UK.
  • Zetron Inc. - Design and manufacture controllers, consoles, and switches for equipment a range equipment of wireless operations. Products include radio equipment dispatch consoles, industrial alarm equipment processors, and paging systems equipment .
  • Cypress Solutions - Manufactures rugged data modems suitable for industrial environments equipment and AVL equipment applications.
  • Dataradio Inc. - Design and manufacture wireless data solutions for private telecommunications RF networks, industrial data fixed and mobile. Products include radio telecommunications modems, data terminals and industrial data related software. Features a telecommunications media center and career opportunities.
  • HandyWave USA - Manufacturer of short range 2.4Ghz modems suitable for RS232 and RS485 serial communications as well as OEM modules for peoduct integration.
  • MaxStream, Inc. - 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz wireless OEM modules equipment and standalone telecommunications radio modems offering long range, low equipment power consumption and advanced telecommunications networking.
  • Wireless eSystems - Supply web enabled handheld wireless appliances for realtime data acquisition. telecommunications Features information on product applications and technology.
  • Datacom Technology - Manufactures industrial GSM modems and networking monitoring/control products.
  • Meteor Communications Corp. - Provider of equipment and services to track, monitor industrial data and control mobile and fixed assets using meteor industrial data burst and extended line of sight technologies, operating industrial data in the low VHF range.
  • Teletronics International, Inc. - Designs, develops, and manufactures products for high speed wireless broadband equipment systems, including RF amplifiers, up/down frequency converters, wireless network bridges equipment and routers.
  • Omnex Control Systems Inc. - Designs and manufactures spread spectrum wireless transmitters and receivers for equipment data acquisition and control of industrial machinery. Includes tutorials and equipment resource literature.
  • Radio Terminal Systems Pty Ltd - Manufacturer distributor and integrator of radio frequency handheld industrial data and vehicle mounted terminals in Australia.
  • ProSoft Technology Inc. - Manufacture a range of 2.4 GHz radio modems. industrial data Features product specifications, typical applications, and distributors listing.
  • Microhard Systems Inc. - Manufactures industrial OEM wireless modems and development platforms. telecommunications Includes product telecommunications data and specifications.
  • Data Technology Services Inc. - Offers monitoring and instrumentation hardware and software as telecommunications well as industrial data related services for use in the telecommunications oil and gas industry.
  • Racom Ltd. - Designs and produces radio modems and related devices for wireless telecommunications data networks covering frequencies from 140 to 900 MHz.
  • Raveon Technologies - Manufactures ISM, MURS, VHF, and UHF data radio telecommunications modems for telecommunications telemetry, irrigation, AVL, SCADA, and other telecommunications wireless applications
  • Nexion - Manufacture a range of RF data modems. Includes telecommunications product features, specifications, FAQs, and downloadable data sheets.
  • Sierra Wireless Inc. - Provides data communications hardware and software products. Products industrial data include industrial data wireless data modems and enabling software. Features industrial data support and industrial data downloads, industry solutions and partner and industrial data reseller information.
  • Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc - Developing and manufacturing quality communication solutions in the industrial data USA.
  • Radio Data Technology Limited - Designer and manufacturer of radio modems, RF modules, telecommunications and telemetry industrial data and remote alarm and control system. telecommunications Includes product overviews and industrial data applications, news and events, telecommunications and FAQs .

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