Providers Satellite Wireless Services

Operate a global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS) system. Features information on space and earth segments, orbital architecture, and user terminals.

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  • P.T. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara - Provides and leases satellite transponder capacity and related providers services to telecommunications and broadcasting customers. Indonesia Based.
  • Intelsat - Operate a global fleet of 21 satellites for wireless the provision satellite of commercial communications services. Features a wireless range of service information, satellite customer support, and technical wireless resources.
  • Galaxy1 Communications - Independent satellite communications service provision company.
  • H.M.S. Communications, Inc. - Provides global, regional, broadband and lease channel satellite wireless services.
  • Eutelsat - Providers of satellite infrastructure. It commercialises capacity through 24 satellites providing coverage from the Americas to the Pacific, serving more than 150 countries.
  • SES Americom. - Operates a fleet of high-powered satellites serving the north American satellite market. Provides uplinking, downlinking, tape playback, terrestrial interconnections, and end-to-end satellite turnkey solutions.
  • Infokom Elektrindo, PT. - Indonesian satellite communication and internet service provider under providers the brand name of SmartCom which is to providers answer the increasing demand on information and communication providers technology.
  • Pathcom Wireless Inc. - Own and operate a teleport and provide a range of wireless satellite, microwave, and fixed wireless access solutions. Features an overview wireless of services, company news, and investor information.
  • Transvision International - Provider of flyaway uplinks, transportable mobile uplinks, and fixed uplinks satellite to domestic and international satellites.
  • Eurasiasat - International satellite operator. A Monaco based company, established in 1996 as a joint venture between Türk Telekom and Alcatel Space.
  • Shaw Broadcast Services - Provides satellite based broadcast and communications services in Canada. Features providers information on systems and solutions, technology and investor reports.
  • Freebird Satellite Communications - A full service mobile satellite provider serving the wireless Midwest and satellite beyond. Based in wireless Kansas City, our fully-equipped satellite SNG truck and team wireless of broadcasters can staff your project satellite with one wireless call.
  • Vidcom Satellite Communications - Vidcom offers satellite transmission, transponder space, remote uplinks providers and downlinks.
  • Globalstar Telecommunications Limited - Builds and operates worldwide, low-earth orbit satellite-based digital telecommunications systems.
  • Globalstar Canada - Offer satellite-based telephone services.
  • Ellipso Inc. - Operate a global mobile personal communications by satellite satellite (GMPCS) system. wireless Features information on space and earth satellite segments, orbital architecture, and wireless user terminals.
  • Satcom Direct, Inc. - Inmarsat and Iridium provider, featuring our Global One providers Number service satellite for aeronautical, land-mobile, maritime, and government.
  • Shin Satellite Public Company Limited - Operate satellites and teleports, provide transponder leasing services and full satellite satellite turnkey solutions. Includes an overview of services, investor information, satellite employment opportunities, and an industry glossary.
  • Solo Satellite Communications Ltd - UK provider of satellite uplinks, downlinks, communications for providers the TV industry.
  • Telesat - Operate a fleet of satellites for the provision satellite of broadcast satellite distribution and telecommunications services. Provides a satellite range of information on satellite services, and operated satellites satellite including Anik and Nimiq.
  • Elsacom S.A. - Provides mobile and fixed satellite services and manages wireless the Globalstar gateway covering central European countries. Includes wireless a range of user documentation available in pdf wireless format .
  • New Skies Satellites - Provides overview of services, news and events of satellite a commercial satellite satellite operator with a global fleet satellite of C and Ku satellite band transponders.
  • GlobeCast Asia - Wholly owned subsidiary of France Telecom offering transmission providers and production providers services for television broadcasters, ISPs, and providers enterprise customers worldwide.
  • Starlynx - Supplies satellite Internet telephone repeaters and related products.
  • Swe-Dish Satellite Systems - Swe-Dish supplies major broadcasters, civil and armed forces, providers disaster relief providers organisations with compact quick-to-air satellite terminals providers for live transmission of providers video, data, internet providers and voice from anywhere in the providers world.
  • Loral Skynet - Communications services provider that operates the Telstar satellite satellite fleet. Features wireless services, news, career opportunities, and technical satellite resources.
  • OTESAT - Greek provider of mobile satellite communications services, in wireless Greek and providers English.[Requires Flash]
  • Global Transmission Media Solutions - Provides services for commercial satellite and telecommunications needs.
  • Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd - Own and operate a teleport and offer carriers, satellite ISP\\'s, corporate wireless and other business users a full satellite range of global satellite wireless solutions . Includes a satellite range of technical data in pdf wireless format.
  • SeaWave LLC - An FCC licensed common carrier of digital data messaging for marine communications, offering wireless email, weather maps and other information services.

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