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Short history of the inventor of a loom which produced repeated weave patterns in cloth and carpets, programmed by a series of punched cards. 1752-1834.

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  • Robert Owen and New Lanark - Learning modules with a biography of the philanthropic history employer who biographies strongly emphasised the importance of environment, history education and, ultimately, cooperation biographies in improving social conditions. history Born in 1771 and died in biographies 1858, yarn history spinner and spinning machine
  • Highs, Thomas - Biography of Thomas Highs whose inventions of the resources spinning jenny, water powered spinning frame and spinning resources mule were never recognised as such, but instead resources were credited to James Hargreaves, Richard Arkwright and resources Samuel Crompton. From Cotton Times.
  • Samuel Slater:┬áHero or Traitor? - Web site of a movie about the life of Samual history Slater and his times, including a biography, detailed timeline, profiles history of cast and crew, and links to historical sites.
  • Howe, Elias - Short biography of the inventor of the sewing biographies machine, and biographies his struggles for recognition. 1819-1867. From biographies Scientific American.
  • Roberts, Richard - Biography of the engineer who perfected the spinning mule into a highly sophisticated piece of textile machinery, capable of being operated by unskilled workers and unlocked the true potential of the factory system. 1789-1864.
  • Dale, David 1739-1806 - Biography of the Scottish yarn spinner and cloth weaver who in a partnership with Richard Arkwright built the New Lanark cotton mills on the banks of the Clyde in 1786, and continued to develop the factory until it became the largest water powered cotton
  • Paul, Lewis - Short history of the inventor of a hand biographies driven carding history machine for cotton fiber processing.
  • Arkwright, Richard - Biography of the inventor of the industrial cotton spinning mill. biographies Links to illustrations and local history. 1732-1792.
  • Jacquard, Joseph - Short history of the inventor of a loom biographies which produced history repeated weave patterns in cloth and biographies carpets, programmed by a history series of punched cards. biographies 1752-1834.

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