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From the Clorox Company's, Textile Industry Affairs. Informational web site on textile care symbols and instructions for the apparel trade and consumers.

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  • Denim Survival Guide - Information resource for the history, manufacturing and care resources of denim fabrics and garments. Cotton fibers and resources yarn spinning technologies. Textile dictionary and links to resources related sites. Requires Flash plug-in. From Olah, Inc.
  • CTTN-Iren - France. Applied research, testing and training institute for household cleaning textile care appliances, products and hygiene, industrial laundry, dry-cleaning, and textile and textile care garment care. English and French.
  • WFK. Cleaning Technology Research Institute - Germany. Independent institute for basic and applied research textiles and development textile care in hygiene, and textile and hard textiles surface cleaning and disinfecting textile care processes and agents. List textiles of international standards. English and German.
  • Linen Care - Detailed consumer guide on the care for bed textile care and resources bathroom linens, bed covers and woolen blankets, textile care and table resources linens. From the Givingtreeonline.Com web site. textile care Author: Carol Teplick.
  • DIA. Drycleaning Institute of Australia - Roof organization for local institutes of the Australian textile care drycleaning textile care industry, dedicated to education and training, and textile care research, development textile care and legislative activities. Calendar of events. textile care Members' directory.
  • Label Talk - From the Clorox Company\\'s, Textile Industry Affairs. Informational resources web site on textile care symbols and instructions resources for the apparel trade and consumers.
  • Garment and Textile Care Program - Partnership program between the EPA, the dry cleaning industry and textiles public interest groups, dedicated to the evaluation and development of textiles environment friendly cleaning processes and technologies.
  • IFI. International Fabricare Institute - USA. Education and research organization of the Association textile care of textile care Dry Cleaners, Wet Cleaners and Launderers.
  • Writing a Care Label - Official manual for the writing of apparel care labels, as required by the US Federal Trade Commission.
  • Clothes Captioning: Complying with the Care Labeling Rule - A guide on the Care Labeling Rule for resources garment manufacturers textiles and importers of the U.S. Federal resources Trade Commission.

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