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Project to develop a battery of statistical tests to detect nonrandomness in binary sequences, to produce documentation and a software implementation of these tests, and to provide guidance in the use of these tests.

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See Also:
  • Random Bots - Generators for random number samples, random selection and algorithms random check pseudorandom numbers number audits. Windows software for algorithms on-line purchase.
  • HENKOS Pseudorandom Number Generator - Presents and evaluates this generator, intended for use pseudorandom numbers as a key generator for a one-time pad pseudorandom numbers cipher.
  • NIST: Random Number Generation and Testing - Project to develop a battery of statistical tests pseudorandom numbers to computers detect nonrandomness in binary sequences, to produce pseudorandom numbers documentation and computers a software implementation of these tests, pseudorandom numbers and to provide computers guidance in the use of pseudorandom numbers these tests.
  • Random Number Generator Algorithms - Documentation of algorithms in the GNU Scientific Library Reference Manual.
  • UNURAN - Universal Non-Uniform RANdom number generators: a GPL library pseudorandom numbers of C functions to generate nonuniform random numbers, pseudorandom numbers by Josef Leydold and Wolfgang Hoermann of the pseudorandom numbers University of Economics, Vienna.
  • Pseudo-random Numbers - A guide to the literature.
  • The pLab Project - A server on the theory and practice of random pseudorandom numbers number generation.
  • Random Number Generator - A small, simple open-source shareware program by Scott Donato Saccenti [Win95].
  • Try to Find Where the Ball Is Hidden - A small test to see how well humans can generate random numbers compared to computer predictions.
  • Netlib: Random Number Generators - Source code for various random number generators in C and algorithms Fortran, including the well-known RANLIB library supporting many continuous and algorithms discrete probability distributions.
  • frandom - Fast RNG for the Linux kernel. A sourceforge computers project.
  • RANDPOLY - A REDUCE package based on a port of algorithms the Maple pseudorandom numbers random polynomial generator together with some algorithms support facilities for the pseudorandom numbers generation of random numbers algorithms and anonymous procedures. By Francis pseudorandom numbers J. Wright.
  • Segobit Software: Random Number Generator Pro - Windows application to generate several random numbers in algorithms a given range, subject to constraints like excluding algorithms certain digits.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Random numbers and Monte Carlo Methods - Links to related conferences, papers, software, webpages, people.
  • ENT - A pseudorandom number sequence test program. Free pseudorandom numbers download of C++ source code and MS-DOS executable.
  • RngPack - A pseudorandom number generator package for Java. algorithms Source code algorithms free under BSD licence.
  • Pseudo Random Number Generators - Algorithms for good random number generators with theoretical computers discussion and pseudorandom numbers software examples.

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