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Publications, predictions, source code, and quotes having to do with AI and artificial life in games; mostly commercial video games, some board and card games.

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  • RoboCup: The Robot World Cup - Aims to develop a team of fully autonomous computers humanoid robots that can win against computers the human world soccer champion team.
  • Game AI - Publications, predictions, source code, and quotes having to games do with artificial intelligence AI and artificial life in games; games mostly commercial video games, artificial intelligence some board and card games games.
  • Logistello - Othello program written by Michael Buro. Publications, computers game records.
  • CGF-AI Links to Game AI and Tactical AI Resources - A number of annotated links referring to tactical AI (for games games, military simulations, or academic applications) and general game AI.
  • -- Artificial Intelligence - is the leading resource for game developers, featuring daily artificial intelligence news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, dozens of artificial intelligence game development jobs, and the most active game development forums artificial intelligence anywhere!
  • AI Wisdom - A database of Artificial Intelligence articles specific to games that games appeared in game programming books, magazines, conferences, or on the games Internet.
  • GAMES Research Group - The GAMES research group produces high-performance, real-time programs for strategic games game-playing. We have branched out into commercial games and applications games of our research to industrial problems.
  • Excalibur - Our goal is to develop a generic architecture for autonomously operating agents, like computer-guided characters/mobiles/items, within a complex computer-game environment.
  • Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters - Description of simple techniques for controlling goal-directed motion of simulated artificial intelligence characters around their world, for applications in games and animation. artificial intelligence Includes Java demos and related links.
  • IGDA - Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group - IGDA has set up the AI Interface Standards games Committee to develop AI interface standards for computer games games. The initiative is a joint effort games of game AI developers, middleware representatives, academics and games other relevant experts.
  • Amit's Thoughts on Path-Finding - Online paper about path-finding, including the A* algorithm artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence a greedy algorithm. Implementation notes, precalculation, artificial intelligence map representations, artificial intelligence heuristics, applications.
  • SimBionic - An intelligent agent toolkit that lets you create games behaviors within artificial intelligence games and simulations quickly and easily, games without programming, using its artificial intelligence graphical user interface.
  • Kynogon, an Artificial Intelligence expert for the video game industry - Kynogon develops advanced AI solutions for the interactive artificial intelligence entertainment artificial intelligence industry and takes into account the uniqueness artificial intelligence of each artificial intelligence game. Costs are reduced, deadlines achieved artificial intelligence and time-to-market respected.
  • A* Pathfinding for Beginners - Introduction to the A* path finding algorithm.
  • Steering Behaviors - Description of techniques to autonomously steer vehicles through a predefined games virtual world. Simple behaviors (e.g. obstacle avoidance) can be games combined to create more complex behaviors.
  • Goal Seeker -- Solving the 15 Puzzle - A JAVA framework that implements heuristic goal-seeking algorithms. Using this games framework will allow developers to focus on a specific domain games of interest, while leaving many of the AI concepts and games goal-searching concepts to be implemented by the framework.
  • John Laird's Artificial Intelligence & Computer Games Research - Information about some research on Computer Games and artificial intelligence Artificial artificial intelligence Intelligence in academia.
  • Chinook - Checkers program written by Jonathan Schaeffer et al.; play online. artificial intelligence Publications, endgame database statistics, game records.
  • ASCII Robot Soccer - Unix soccer-like testbed. Source code (C++ with curses and termcap), executable, and screenshots.
  • GIB Research - Bridge program written by Matthew Ginsberg. Results, publications, library of deals with double-dummy tricks for each trump suit.
  • The Game AI Page - Building Artificial Intelligence into Games
  • Machine Learning in Games - Review of research and implementations in Backgammon, Othello, artificial intelligence soccer, and other games.
  • Home Page of the International Computer Games Association (IGDA) - Information from the ICGA organization, contents of the games ICGA Journal and information on game programming in games Chess, Checkers, Bridge, Go, and many other games.
  • Game Semantics or Linear Logic? - A discussion of how linear logic relates to artificial intelligence computability logic, - the game-sematically introduced logic of artificial intelligence computational resources and interactive computation.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Games - Companion site for the book "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction." Includes bibliography, chapter guide, errata, and relevant links.
  • Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach To Game Tree Searching - Robin Upton\\'s Ph.D. Thesis uses this branch of games Probability Theory to generalise conspiracy numbers, developing the games search method known as PCN*, conspiracy probabilities.

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