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Primo, a primality proving program based on the ECPP algorithm. With Primo one can check crypto-primes and prove whether or not they are actually prime.

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See Also:
  • Seventeen Or Bust - A distributed attack on the Sierpinski problem, trying distributed computing to find the last remaining 17 numbers.
  • The Prime Sierpinski Problem - Mathematical project to find the smallest prime Sierpinski projects number.
  • RSA Security - Challenges - Monetary prizes for factoring certain large numbers ("RSA cryptography Numbers"), as projects well as breaking RSA and DES cryptography encryption schemes; announcements mailing projects list.
  • Proth Search Page - A list of prime number searches using Yves projects Gallot\\'s proth.exe program, available to download. Maintained projects by Ray Ballinger.
  • Calculating Pi - Investigates and implements algorithms which may yield to cryptography distributed computation distributed computing of the mathematical constant Pi.
  • Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search - Online search for Mersenne prime numbers, found largest distributed computing several primes.
  • Search for the Largest Proth Prime - An internet group to help find the 5th largest prime number, coordinated by William Garnett. Windows/Linux software available.
  • - A distributed computing project currently trying to take cryptography the RSA projects challenge of RC5-64, and also working cryptography on OGR-24 and 25 projects (Optimal Golomb Rulers). Previous cryptography projects included CSC and DES.
  • Ellipsa - Elliptic Curve Primality Proving - Primo, a primality proving program based on the distributed computing ECPP distributed computing algorithm. With Primo one can check crypto-primes distributed computing and prove distributed computing whether or not they are actually distributed computing prime.
  • ECMNET - Project to factor numbers using the elliptic curve method. Client and server software.
  • The Prime Pages - Prof. Chris Caldwell\\'s database of virtually every large distributed computing or otherwise interesting prime number known; includes the distributed computing 5,000 largest known prime numbers and records for distributed computing specific types.
  • MM61 - Attempt at factoring the huge Mersenne number 2^(2^61-1)-1. distributed computing cryptography Software for Windows, DOS and Linux. distributed computing Work reservation cryptography via email.
  • The Riesel Sieve Project - Distributed project to help solve the Riesel problem through the distributed computing use of donated unused CPU cycles.
  • Generalized Fermat Primes Search - Project provides software to search for primes of projects a specific form. Coordinated via email.
  • Goldbach's Conjecture and Factoring the Cryptographic Modulus - Algebraic Factoring of the Cryptography Modulus and Proof of Goldbach\'s distributed computing Conjecture

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