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The Stanford University protein folding study, being run by the Pande group in the Department of Chemistry.

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  • Folding Forum - Forums to support and otherwise take and give folding at home projects feedback about the Stanford Folding@home project.
  • Folding@home - Protein folding simulations. Project information and software download protein folding for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh.
  • Folding@Home Tweaks and Tips - A site dedicated to the tweaking of the projects Folding@home client folding at home and throughput optimization. F@H resources and projects links.
  • FAHLogStats - FAH LogStats allows users to monitor the progress protein folding of folding at home a Folding@Home client, locally, or remotely via protein folding Windows shares folding at home and FTP.
  • Kakao Stats - Statistics about the teams and donors of the folding at home folding at home Folding@Home project.
  • The Folding@Home SMP Client Installation Guide - This website is a guide to installing and configuring the protein folding Folding@Home SMP client for Linux. It covers both the installation protein folding and configuration of Ubuntu and the SMP client.
  • Apple Science - Noah Johnson: Folding Proteins at Home - Describes the Folding@Home project and gives details about projects one OSX user\\'s contributions to it. Johnson projects is the "point man" for Team OSX.

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