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National Technical University of Athens - Extended relational database systems, active database systems, and spatial, image and multimedia database systems.

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  • Sypniewski, Bernard Paul - Rowan University - Instructor in basic computer literacy, advanced MS people office topics, introduction to programming in Visual Basic. Interests people in linguistics, the environment, and online testing.
  • Stolte, Nilo - Research in computer graphics: voxelization and visualization of implicit surfaces, discrete ray tracing, and fractal clouds.
  • Simpson, Alexander - University of Edinburgh - Category theory, domain theory, s logic, type people theory.
  • Sivasubramaniam, Anand - Pennsylvania State University - Computer architecture, operating systems, s parallel computing, computer science simulation and evaluation of computer systems.
  • Stoimenov, Leonid - University of Nis - GIS and Interoperability, GIS and Ontologies, people GIS and Mediation
  • Shankar, B. Uma - Machine Intelligence Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata - s Pattern recognition, Image processing and Soft Computing with s applications to Remote sensing.
  • Stevenson, William - School of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University - computer science Cognitive Science, Vision, High Performance Computing.
  • Steinemann, Marc-Alain - University of Bern - Architectures for remote learning, authentication and authorization infrastructures, didactic aspects of remote learning, dynamic on-line courses, communication systems for the next generation Internet
  • Sanghi, Dheeraj - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur - Computer Networks, Protocols, TCP/IP, computer science IPv6, ATM, Multimedia, IP/PSTN Internetworking, Operating Systems.
  • Spiliotopoulos, Dimitris - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Speech, computer science Phonology, Intonation.
  • Stork, David G. - Ricoh Innovations; and Stanford University - Pattern recognition, neural networks, machine learning, adaptive human interfaces for data repositories, strategic document studies, image and pattern recognition algorithms for novel parallel hardware, Open Mi
  • Sajeev, A. S. M. - University of New England - Object-oriented software engineering; object-orientation, concurrency s and visual programming; distributed systems and software engineering.
  • Schreiner, Wolfgang - Johannes Kepler University - Parallel and distributed computing, s generic programming, semantics of programming languages, parallel functional s languages, symbolic and algebraic computation.
  • Smits, Brian - University of Utah - Computer graphics, rendering, global people illumination, and real time ray tracing.
  • Simon, Janos - University of Chicago - Computational complexity, including machine-based complexity, communication people complexity, models of parallel computation, distributed computation, algorithms, problems inspired people by the world wide web.
  • Stirling, Colin - University of Edinburgh - Models and calculi for people concurrent computation, modal and temporal logics with people fixed points, verification and description of program properties.
  • Stantchev, Vladimir and Lubomira - Humboldt University, Berlin.
  • Smedinga, Rein - University of Groningen - Discrete event systems and people object oriented computer science programming.
  • Stramm, Bernd - Computer architecture parallel computing, embedded systems, high performance s computing, and s heterogeneous parallel systems.
  • Slind, Konrad - University of Cambridge - Automated reasoning, implementation and people application of higher order logic.
  • Stroustrup, Bjarne - Developer of the C++ programming language.
  • Sivakumar, G. - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Automated Reasoning, s Logic Programming, Rewrite Systems, Networks, Distributed Systems
  • Stark, Ian - University of Edinburgh - Formal semantics of programming people languages, category people theory, domain theory and structural operational people semantics, functional languages.
  • Sowmya, Arcot - University of New South Wales - Computer vision, computer science spatial s reasoning, robotics, concurrent and real-time systems, and computer science component reuse s in VLSI design.
  • Sellis, Timos - National Technical University of Athens - Extended relational computer science database s systems, active database systems, and spatial, image computer science and multimedia s database systems.
  • Sen, Sandeep - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - Randomized Algorithms, people Parallel Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Memory Hierarchy Models
  • Sipper, Moshe - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne. Application of people Biological Principles to Artificial Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Cellular people Computing, Bio-inspired Systems, Evolvable Hardware, Complex Adaptive Systems.
  • Snodgrass, Richard T. - University of Arizona - Temporal databases, query language people design, query s optimization and evaluation, storage structures, database people design, and software development s databases.
  • Sammut, Claude - University of New South Wales - Machine learning, s logic programming, people and knowledge based systems.
  • Sannella, Donald - University of Edinburgh - Functional languages, algebraic specification s languages, mechanised people reasoning, foundations for algebraic specification and s formal software development.
  • Steinmetz, Bill - This is a website of Dowling College\\'s Computer science professor computer science Dr. Bill Steinmetz. Course work and lectures given during the computer science respective semesters, and source code for the various programming assignments. computer science This website may be of interest to students who
  • Shepherd, John - University of New South Wales - Databases, web people search engines, image databases, education via the Internet, people information filtering, deductive databases, and functional programming.
  • Saha, Debanjan - IBM\'s T. J. Watson Research Center - Computer people Network Researcher
  • Sailer, Martin - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t M√ľnchen - Management Information Base for Services, computer science Information computer science Modeling for Service Management
  • Sutter, Herb - Secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ Standards Committee, Writer, s Consultant - people Information on C++
  • Stevens, Rick - Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago - Collaborative scientific visualization people environments, high-performance computer architectures, performance modeling.
  • Subramaniam, L. Venkata - IBM India Research Lab, New Delhi - Multimodal people Speech Recognition, computer science Image Processing.
  • Sewell, Peter - University of Cambridge - Secure encapsulation, pi-calculus, mobile computer science agents, computer science operational semantics, locality typing.
  • Stout, Quentin - University of Michigan - Computer science professor with research in s parallel computing, algorithms, scientific and statistical computing, and s discrete mathematics.
  • Shyamasundar, R. K. - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai - Real-Time computer science and s Reactive Programming, Logic Programming, Pi-Calculus and Mobile computer science Computing, Parallel s Programs, Programming Languages.
  • Spivack, Nova - CEO of Radar Networks, and co-founder of EarthWeb - Semantic Web, Knowledge Management
  • Steedman, Mark - University of Edinburgh - Computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, formal grammar, intonation, spoken language processing, animated conversational agents.

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