Sutherland, Ivan Pioneers History

Ivan Sutherland pioneered computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and programming languages, all at once, when in the early 1960s, he created the landmark program Sketchpad, viewed by many as the earliest constraint programming language. He also created the first head mounted computer display, which is now termed virtual reality.

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  • Ivan Sutherland - Growing biography, with links to related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • mprove: Ivan Sutherland 2005 - Comments from: An Evening with Ivan Sutherland: Research and Fun; Computer History Museum, 19 October 2005.
  • Tools for Thought: Machines to Think With - By Howard Rheingold. Online copy of well known sutherland, ivan 1985 book on the invention of modern computing; sutherland, ivan this chapter discusses Ivan Sutherland, graphics, Sketchpad. Newer sutherland, ivan (c)2000 edition of the book is out, with sutherland, ivan follow-up interviews.

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