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Translation of "Avtomatika I Vychislitel'naya Tekhnika" from Latvia, covering automatic control and distributed processing and signal processing. On-line table of contents.

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Directory of Computing Science Journals* - Links to 500 journals including the publisher's page and often the table of contents.

  • Theory of Computing Systems - Publishes research in all areas of theoretical computer computer science science. Tables of contents from vol.29 (1996) computer science on; full text to subscribers.
  • Informatica - An international journal of Computing and Informatics published journals by the journals Slovene Informatika Society. Tables of contents journals and abstracts from vol.17 journals (1993).
  • Journal of Symbolic Computation - Presents research on algorithmic treatment of symbolic objects publications including objects journals in formal languages, algebraic objects, and publications geometrical objects.
  • Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science - A peer-reviewed on-line journal in theoretical computer science. Includes journals archived articles from 1995 to 2000.
  • Computer Journal - Publishes articles across a wide range of computer science areas.
  • Journal of Database Management - Publishes original research on all aspects of database computer science management, systems analysis and design, and software engineering. computer science Table of contents on-line.
  • Robotica - Aims to be a forum for the multidisciplinary journals subject of publications robotics and encourage developments in this journals important field of automation publications with regard to industry, journals health, education and research.
  • International Journal on Very Large Data Bases - A quarterly journal focusing on information system architectures, the impact computer science of technological advancements on information systems, and novel database applications.
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics - Full text to subscribers.
  • Computational Complexity - At the interface between mathematics and theoretical computer science. Abstracts available, subscription for full-text articles.
  • Theoretical Informatics and Applications - Publishes original research in the area of theoretical journals computer science journals and its applications.
  • Journal of Functional Programming - Devoted to this important area of computer science publications and spans computer science the range from mathematical theory to publications industrial practice.
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science - A volume series which publishes workshop and conference publications proceedings as publications well as monographs in computer science publications and its subfields.
  • Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Series Informatica - Tables of contents from vol.36 (1991) on.
  • Knowledge Engineering Review - Committed to the development of the field of publications artificial intelligence publications and the clarification and dissemination of publications its methods and concepts.
  • Combinatorics, Probability and Computing - Bimonthly devoted to the three areas of combinatorics, journals probability theory computer science and theoretical computer science.
  • Journal of Logic and Computation - Promotes the growth of logic and computing. The bulk of the content is technical scientific papers, letters, reviews, and discussions, as well as relevant conference reviews, are included.
  • Computational Statistics - Focuses on the contribution of computing to statistics computer science and vice versa in variety of fields of computer science statistics. Publisher\\'s site: abstracts, with full text for computer science subscribers.
  • IT Now (Formerly, Computer Bulletin) - The membership magazine of the British Computer Society computer science with the aim of spreading awareness of professional computer science issues, IT innovations and technological developments. Full computer science text online.
  • International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science - (World Scientific) Tables of contents and abstracts from publications vol.10 (1999) publications on. Full text to subscribers publications or by individual purchase.
  • Acta Informatica - Covers design, description, presentation and analysis of journals computer science programs, journals information structures and computing computer science systems. Abstracts available, subscription journals for full-text articles.
  • Inria - Infoweb - List of 300 computer science journals (articles are usually available computer science electronically by subscription).
  • Upgrade: The European Journal for the Informatics Professional - A bimonthly technical, independent, non-commercial, and freely distributed electronic publication.
  • Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity - A forum about computational complexity supervised by a publications scientific board. Provides on-line research reports, surveys and publications books.
  • Journal of Algorithms - Includes mathematically oriented contributions on discrete and finite algorithms.
  • Algorithmica - A journal about the design of algorithms in publications many applied and fundamental areas. Abstracts available, subscription publications for full-text articles.
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications - Contents from vol.15 (1995). Full text to subscribers.
  • The Journal of Conceptual Modeling - Free on-line publication dedicated to conceptual modeling techniques such as journals Object-Role Modeling, Natural Language Modeling and the Unified Modeling Language. journals Related resources.
  • Computing Reviews - Publishes reviews on current publications in any area of the computing sciences.
  • Theory and Practice of Logic Programming - Among the topics covered are AI applications that publications use logic programming, natural language processing, knowledge representation, publications nonmonotic reasoning, databases, implementations and architectures and constraint publications logic programming.
  • Reliable Computing - An international journal devoted to reliable mathematical computations publications based on journals finite representations and guaranteed accuracy. publications Tables of contents. Full journals text to subscribers.
  • Natural Language Engineering - Meets the needs of professionals and researchers working publications in all computer science areas of computerised language processing. Editorial publications board, pricing, advertising rates, computer science instructions for contributors and publications full text online.
  • Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT) - Peer-reviewed electronic research journal with aim of promoting publications and publishing original high quality research dealing with publications theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines of publications Information Technology.
  • Organised Sound - An international journal which focuses on the rapidly developing methods journals and issues arising from the use of technology in music journals today.
  • LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics - An electronic journal published by the London Mathematical publications Society covering journals all areas where mathematics and computation publications meet.
  • Theoretical Computer Science - Covers the mathematical and theoretical basis of computer publications science.
  • Mathematical Structures in Computer Science - A journal of theoretical computer science which focuses on the computer science application of ideas from the structural side of mathematics and computer science mathematical logic to computer science.
  • Information and Computation - Covers all areas of theoretical computer science and computational aspects of information theory.
  • Computing - Covers research results in numerical computing and informatics.
  • Visual Computer - Dedicated to reporting on the state-of-the-art technology in the fields publications of computer vision, graphics, and imaging including applications.
  • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking - Covers network architecture and management, protocols, software and journals services.
  • Automatic Control and Computer Science - Translation of "Avtomatika I Vychislitel\\'naya Tekhnika" from Latvia, covering automatic control and distributed processing and signal processing. On-line table of contents.
  • Nelson H. F. Beebe's Bibliographies Page - List of 100 journals, with completed and corrected computer science bibliographies and links to the homepages.
  • SIAM Journal on Computing - Contains research articles on the mathematical and formal journals aspects of computer science and nonnumerical computing.
  • Journal of Universal Computer Science - A monthly on-line journal covering all aspects of journals computer science. publications Tables of contents and abstracts journals of all volumes. publications Full text to subscribers journals only.
  • Current Cites - A monthly selection of annotated citations of current literature in information technology. Searchable online and available by email.
  • Journal of Computer and System Sciences - A bimonthly journal covering computer and system sciences publications and their publications underlying mathematical theory.

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