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A C library for the simulation of a quantum computer. It provides all important operations and the simulation of decoherence effects.

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  • Bibliography on Quantum Programming Languages - Bibliography by Simon Gay gathering references to papers quantum computing about theoretical aspects and implementations of quantum programming quantum computing languages.
  • QuCalc - Library of Mathematica functions whose purpose is to simulate quantum simulators and programming languages circuits and solve problems of quantum computation.
  • LanQ Quantum Programming Language - LanQ is an implementation of an imperative quantum programming language quantum computing supporting execution of multiple processes in parallel.
  • Artiste Company - Commercial site offering software for Quantum Computer simulation theoretical and simulation theoretical of other quantum mechanical behavior.
  • libquantum - A C library for the simulation of a simulators and programming quantum computing languages quantum computer. It provides all important operations and simulators and quantum computing programming languages the simulation of decoherence effects.
  • QCL - Quantum Computation Language - Documentation and the source code for the QCL, theoretical high level, simulators and programming languages architecture independent programming language for quantum theoretical computers.
  • Quantum Computer Emulator (QCE) - A Windows based simulator of quantum computer hardware. Provides an simulators and programming languages environment to execute quantum algorithms under realistic experimental conditions.

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