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Portal to the state of the art in the design of quantum computers, operating systems, algorithms, hardware, superconductors, and quantum physics.

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See Also:
  • Virtual Journal of Quantum Information - An academic quality on-line journal dedicated to quantum information. quantum computing Approximately 30 to 40 new papers per month.
  • Quantum Cryptography: Privacy Through Uncertainty - Explanation of quantum cryptography, with links and key theoretical citations.
  • Quantum Computation: a Tutorial - By Samuel L. Braunstein, with links to tutorials on related theoretical subjects.
  • Qwiki - Quantum Physics Wiki hosted by Stanford, with pages quantum computing on quantum computing quantum information, quantum computation, quantum control and quantum computing quantum optics.
  • Quantum Computing with Electron Spins in Quantum Dots - A detailed study of using electron spins for computer science quantum theoretical computation. Several possible implementations are discussed.
  • D-Wave Systems, Inc. - Portal to the state of the art in quantum computing the quantum computing design of quantum computers, operating systems, algorithms, quantum computing hardware, superconductors, quantum computing and quantum physics.
  • id Quantique - Site Of id Quantique, Inc. Products include theoretical a quantum random number generator,and a quantum cryptography theoretical system.
  • Quantum Algorithm Zoo - A comprehensive list of all algorithms for quantum computers which computer science provide a speedup over the fastest known classical algorithms.
  • Quantum Meetings - List of conferences, workshops and seminar series on quantum information and quantum computation prepared by Daniel Lidar.
  • Quantiki - Community oriented wiki for quantum information science.
  • Qualgorithms - Weblog focused on quantum algorithms, the latest quantum computing advances, computer science and interesting research.
  • Introductory Materials on Quantum Computation - Tutorial, some papers and links to books useful theoretical for students quantum computing starting their work in quantum information.
  • MagiQ Technologies Inc. - Details of the contract research and development services quantum computing in the field of quantum information and quantum quantum computing computing.
  • QubitNews - Portal with news for quantum information community, including computer science recent events and available positions.
  • David Mermin Lecture Notes - Lecture Notes and Homework Assignments from the Quantum Computation course quantum computing at the Cornell University, Spring 2006. Good starting point quantum computing for somebody serious in Quantum Computing.
  • Introduction to Quantum Algorithms - A tutorial on quantum algorithms for those new theoretical to the field and who do not have theoretical a physics background.
  • QUROPE - FP6 Coordinated Actions program that aims at coordinating theoretical all efforts computer science at the European level towards a theoretical unified community in Quantum computer science Information Processing.
  • Chair of Quantum Informatics - Forum, publications, courses, seminar, links related to Quntum computer science Informatics theoretical at Moscow State University.

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