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This category lists organizations that offer hosting services for VXML applications. This basically makes VXML applications visible through the international telephone network (PSTN), or a Voice-over-IP telephone network

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  • Loquendo Cafe Home Page - VXML hosting for invidual developers in the US applications and in Europe.
  • Voxeo Community Hosting - VXML hosting in the US. Free developer access. applications VXML Developers voicexml can use this site to build applications and test voice portals voicexml for phone, with the applications support and resources necessary for creating, voicexml testing and applications deploying voice portal-type applications.
  • Visibridge hosting solutions - Canada-based platform providers which also offers hosting services hosting per minute.
  • MTI's VoiceXML Hosting Services - Provides VXML hosting within the US using VoiceGenie hosting platform.
  • Plum Voice - Provides VXML hosting and platforms within the US. Developer accounts available.
  • CPT Voice Harbor hosting - Vxml hosting platform based in the US (Marietta, voicexml GA). Based voicexml on VoiceGenie platform with ScanSoft ASR/TTS.
  • Tellme Studio - A suite of Web-based VoiceXML development tools and community resources voicexml to build, test, and publish VXML applications within the US.
  • Selecting a VoiceXML Gateway - Short article from XML-Journal describing selection process among voicexml internal or external VXML infrastructure, with advice on voicexml criteria to select among them.
  • BeVocal - BeVocal CafĂ© - VXML hosting with developer environment within the US. Provides SOAP-based hosting web services to manage hosted applications (e.g. access CDRs and hosting speech engines log records).
  • Voice Sites - VXML hosting within the US for Small, Medium hosting and Large businesses.

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