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The VXML platforms are VXML interpreters which render VXML pages usually through the phone or through a personal computer. They usually include some speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis (TTS) in addition to the ability to play recorded audios and detected touch tones (DTMFs). These platforms are often refers to a

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  • ScanSoft's OpenVXI 3.0 hosted at CMU - The ScanSoft\\'s OpenVXI 3.0 interpreter which C++ source implementation platforms is applications provided for free. Last 3.0 release is implementation platforms from Oct applications 2003. Not clear whether it is implementation platforms still maintained.
  • Voxeo VoiceXML VoiceCenter Platform - The Voxeo VoiceCenter IVR Platform is a VoiceXML applications and CCXML voicexml plaforms that is completed with addons applications for conference, CTI, and voicexml shrink-wrapped applications.
  • Idylic - Phonic Telecom - VXML and CCXML implementations running on Windows.
  • PublicVoiceXML - An open-source implementation of VXML 2.0 in C hosted by sourceforge. Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Intervoice - Omvia Voice Server - Omvia Voice Server is a VXML implementation using MRCP to implementation platforms connect to TTS and ASR engines.
  • OptimTalk - VoiceXML Platform - Modular and scalable platform including VoiceXML 2.0 and applications CCXML compliant voicexml interpreters, a SRGS and SISR implementation applications and an SDK. Runs voicexml on Windows and Linux.
  • HP Open Call Media Platform (OCMP) - Overview, key benefits, and detailed product information.
  • Genesys VoiceGenie - The NeXusPoint platform includes VXML and CC interpreters along with the associated speech resources.
  • Visibridge - Provides VoiceXML platforms running on Windows/Intel platform. Ranges applications from low-cost sound-card and personal edition to server applications edition supporting E1s. Uses Microsoft TTS and ASR applications by default and also integrates with other SAPI applications providers such as AT&T, Neo
  • Verascape - Provides rackeable high-capacity, high-availability VoiceXML speech and DTMF-processing implementation platforms platforms.
  • Envox: Communications Server - Provides a VXML implementation platform supporting from 4 ports to 240 ports per server. Operates on Windows and natively uses Intel Communications\\' telephony boards. Integrates with SpeechWorks, Nuance and Phonetic ASR/TTS engines.
  • SandCherry AppRun VXML platform - Provides VXML development tools and VXML gateways running on Windows voicexml and Solaris.
  • Nuance Voice Platform - VXML 2.0 implementation which also exposes Nuance-proprietary elements applications through the applications object tag. Integrates with Nuance vocalizer applications and recognizer.
  • VoiceXML 2.0 Implementation Report - The VXML test suite provided by the W3C implementation platforms to demonstrate that the VXML standard can be implementation platforms implemented. This test suite is then used by implementation platforms the VoiceXML Forum as the basis for conformance implementation platforms activities.
  • VoxPilot Open Media Platform - Acquired in 2004 by EurekaSoft, VoxPilot provides VXML platforms.

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