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This category is for Applications which include support for the use of XUL. This category is intended for end-user-oriented applications, not authoring tools for content/appplication developers; authoring tools should go under Tools.

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Editor's Picks:* - Hosts a large number of development projects for mozilla applications.

  • PrefBar - The Preferences Toolbar for SeaMonkey, Mozilla, and Firefox applications allows for applications quick changes of frequently accessed preferences.
  • Mozilla XUL Runtime Project - Project aiming to create a XUL runtime that xul requires no xul browser.
  • Link Toolbar - An add-on toolbar for mozilla that implements parsing of the <link> element for HTML
  • Venkman Project Page - JavaScript debugger extension for Mozilla and Netscape browsers.
  • ZopeStudio - A management and development environment for the Zope applications application server.
  • XUL Applications - XUL applications/utilities for Mozilla (and Netscape 7). They applications are based applications on the specification of Mozilla Nightly applications Trunk. Works on Netscape applications 7.0, Mozilla 1.0, Phoenix applications 0.5, or later.
  • ZULU - A layout engine for producing rich cross-platform user interfaces, using applications XUL standard and Flash MX technology.
  • ActiveState Komodo - Professional IDE for open source languages, offering support xul for Perl, xul PHP, Python, Tcl, and XSLT.
  • Mozilla Amazon Browser (MAB) - A tool for searching and browsing the Amazon xul database.

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