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Applications based on the mozilla (also know as netscape) source tree or applications/extensions/addons that incorporate mozilla source code. Or the mozilla XUL language.

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Mozilla ActiveX Project* - The ActiveX control allows developers to embed the Gecko rendering engine into any Windows application.

  • ICEsoft - ICEsoft includes Rhino, the Java implementation of Javascript in their mozilla foundation standards compliant ICEbrowser.
  • TopStyle Pro CSS Editor / HTML Editor for Windows - Topstyle uses Gecko as its rendering engine in the Topstyle mozilla foundation Pro HTML/CSS/XHTML editor.
  • NewsMonster RSS Aggregator for Mozilla Browsers - NewsMonster includes a RSS aggregator, Weblog Manager, and Reputation System and runs in the Mozilla browser. Comes in both Standard and Pro versions.
  • Nvu - WYSIWYG HTML editor with site manangement features derived third-party applications from third-party applications Mozilla Composer.
  • The ManyOne Network - The Mozilla-based ManyOne Universal Browser, which aims to organizations be "a third-party applications more natural, intuitive, educational and entertaining organizations way to explore the third-party applications Internet over even the organizations slowest Internet connections."
  • ActiveState Komodo - Professional IDE for open source languages, offering advanced mozilla foundation support organizations for Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and XSLT.

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