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Non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying, redistributing, understanding, and modifying computer programs. GNU Project was begun to develop a complete free Unix-like operating system.

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  • The Apache Software Foundation - Supports the development of a number of open-source computers software projects, organizations including the apache webserver. Includes license computers information, latest news, and organizations project sites.
  • The Linux Foundation - A non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth open source of Linux, and promoting standardization and technical collaboration. open source Provides details of activities and working groups, a open source collaboration forum, and developer services.
  • Jabber Software Foundation - Not-for-profit organization that oversees the general development of XMPP and open source maintains the Jabber Enhancement Proposals.
  • Foundation - Non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting multimedia from control open source by private interests, by developing free and open open source protocols and software. Information about the foundation and open source its current projects.
  • OpenForum Europe - Not-for-profit organisation helping to accelerate, broaden and strengthen the use open source of OSS in business and government. News and events, information open source about OSS, and articles.
  • Free Software Foundation and GNU Project - Non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying, redistributing, understanding, organizations and modifying computer programs. GNU Project was begun to develop organizations a complete free Unix-like operating system.
  • Open TTT - A European Union funded project that aims to computers facilitate transnational technology transfers and open source partnerships computers for enterprises and network of developers.
  • Free Software Foundation Europe - European branch of the FSF. Includes news and computers events listings, organizations press information, and a document archive.
  • Python Software Foundation - Non-profit organization devoted to advancing open source technology related to the Python programming language. Provides membership information, missions statement, and details of how to get involved.
  • Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) - Aims to promote and support the development of Open Source computers software for the automation industry. Membership fees are used to computers delegate the development of open source software projects such as computers a real time preempt patches for Linux.
  • Open Source Academy - UK government portal which aims to encourage the use of computers Open Source Software by local authoritie. Offers opportunities for knowledge computers sharing and practical advice.
  • Open Source Initiative - Dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source computers trademark for organizations the good of the community. Includes computers a definition of organizations \'Open Source\', and a computers list of approved licenses.
  • Open Solutions Alliance - A nonprofit, vendor-neutral consortium dedicated to driving the computers adoption of open source comprehensive open source business solutions.
  • Open Source Advisory Service - Promotes awareness and understanding of the legal, social, open source technical and economic issues that arise when educational open source institutions engage with free and open source software. open source News, publications, events, and FAQ.
  • Software in the Public Interest, Inc. - Aims to help organizations develop and distribute open open source hardware and software. Includes news, details of supported open source projects, and membership details.
  • Open Invention Network - An intellectual property company that was formed to promote Linux. computers It acquires patents and makes them available royalty-free to any computers company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its computers patents against the Linux System.
  • XMPP Standards Foundation - Contact info, architectural docs and a weblog computers on Extensible computers Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), an computers open XML communications technology.

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