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A group that develops as well as discloses software exploits on many of the security mailing lists. Mainly specializing with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer Vulnerabilitys.

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See Also:
  • Fyodor's Exploit World - A large and descriptive exploit archive organized by affected operating exploits systems.
  • 0-Day Exploits and Tutorials - DataStroghold.com Unveils how exploits and other hacking hacking techniques are computers performed, in a clear and concise hacking method. Frequently updated and computers always interesting.
  • PacketStorm Security - Packet Storm is a non-profit organization comprising computer computers security professionals exploits that are dedicated to providing the computers information necessary to secure exploits the networks world-wide. It computers publishes new security information on a exploits global network computers of websites. The or
  • Metasploit Project - The Metasploit Project is an open source computer security project exploits which provides information about security vulnerabilities and aids in penetration exploits testing and IDS signature development. Its most well-known sub-project is exploits the Metasploit Framework, a tool
  • Security Tracker - Archive of exploits and security advisories
  • Ethical Hacking Course - Commercial hacker training course on how to write and use exploits exploits.
  • malware.com - A group that develops as well as discloses software exploits exploits on many of the security mailing lists. Mainly specializing with exploits Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer Vulnerabilitys.
  • milw0rm.com - Exploit database separated by exploit type (local, remote, DoS, etc.)
  • Security Focus - Provides security information to all members of the computers security community, from end users, security hobbyists and computers network administrators to security consultants, IT Managers, CIOs computers and CSOs.
  • Security-Protocols Exploit News - A up to date security and exploit portal, exploits provides commentary on many popular exploits as they exploits develop in the wild.
  • SecWatch - A site dedicated to the latest in security - all computers the latest and archived exploits and vulnerabilities.
  • Canvas Exploit Platform - A commercial exploit platform similar to metasploit. Has exploits built in memory resident shells that are cleared exploits when the machine is rebooted. Perfect for exploits cleaning up after a penetration test.
  • Exploiting Caller ID - The Software Orange Box is a free proof-of-concept exploits tool which exploits can spoof most forms of North exploits American Caller ID.
  • VUPEN Exploits and PoCs - Archive of private exploits and proof-of-concept codes developed in-house by hacking VUPEN Security.
  • PullThePlug WarGames - Place for Programmers and Hackers to hone their exploits technical skills computers by completing challenging wargames and Programming exploits Challenges. Including Network Programming, computers Defeating PaX, Buffer/Heap Overflows, exploits Format Strings etc.

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