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See Also:
  • Application-specific Decompilers - Catalog of decompilers.
  • MacNosy - Is a Mac application that disassembles the Macintosh ROM or computers any 68K or PowerPC codes, by Jasik Designs.
  • IDA Pro - The multi-processor, multi-OS, interactive disassembler, by DataRescue.
  • TRACE32 - Microprocessor Development Tools include multi processor emulators and disassemblers.
  • The dcc Decompiler - It decompiles small .exe files from the (i286, disassemblers DOS) platform to C programs.
  • This96 - 80196 disassembler by zartoven.
  • Misosys Disassembler - Tim Mann\'s TRS-80 Page includes Misosys Disassembler, aka disassemblers PRO-DUCE.
  • Reverse Engineering Compiler - Program that tries to make source coden (C) from binary, disassemblers multiplatform. There are MIPS disassembler too, by Giampiero Caprino.
  • Open Reverse Code Engineering - An open community site offering a number of disassemblers services including blogs, forums, download and reference libraries.
  • the bastard disassembler - *NIX disassembler. Written in C on Linux for programming x86 ELF programming files; intended to support multiple CPUs, programming OSes, and file formats. programming Scriptable.
  • Re39 - Interactive Disassembler for Rockwell C29/C39 (C40) code by disassemblers Lewin A.R.W. computers Edwards.
  • DSP5600x - A 5600x disassembler by Miloslaw Smyk.
  • Universal Cross Disassembler - XDASM - DOS based cross-disassembler supports numerous processor programming types, by computers Data Sync Engineering.
  • Transputer disassembler. - By Andy Rabagliati.
  • High Level Assembler and Toolkit (HLASM) - System/390 assembler toolkit for MVS and VM and programming VSE (HLASM) programming including disassembler, by IBM.
  • MELPS7700 Disassembler - By H.Kashima.
  • FARGDIS - Fargo Disassembler for TI-92 DOS versioin, by John Grafton.
  • AVATAR - A disassembler/patcher/code-explorer for PA-RISC based HP-UX systems, by Allegro Consultants, disassemblers Inc.

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