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A decompiler for Java which is platform independent and has options to obfuscate the class file also. [Open source, Public Domain]

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Jad* - The fast Java decompiler. Separate versions for Win32, OS/2, most Unixen. Large choice of command-line and GUI front-ends available. [Free for non-commercial]

  • SourceAgain - Java Decompiler for Win95/NT, Unix, web-based trial version decompilers and disassemblers from Ahpah Software. [Commercial]
  • JODE (Java Optimize and Decompile Environment) - Java decompiler with full source code. Supports inner/anonymous development tools classes. Also includes a small, but extensible bytecode development tools obfuscator/optimizer. [Open Source, GPL]
  • CafeBabe - Graphical disassembler and editor of Java bytecodes. [Open development tools Source] Note: download at parent page.
  • JADO (Java Decompiler And Obfuscator) - A decompiler for Java which is platform independent translators and has options to obfuscate the class file translators also. [Open source, Public Domain]
  • JReversePro - Decompiler/disassembler written entirely in Java. Provides facility to development tools inspect development tools constant pool contents. [Open Source, GPL]
  • ClassCracker - Visual Java decompiler from Mayon Software Research. [Commercial]
  • dis - A functional, fast and simple disassembler that is decompilers and disassemblers written in C. Like javap, produces bytecode. Download decompilers and disassemblers Solaris, Win95/NT versions. Mac or other Unixen or decompilers and disassemblers source code by email request. [Freeware]
  • SourceTec Java Decompiler - Patch to Mocha which defeats Crema. [Shareware]
  • Cavaj Java Decompiler - A freeware utility that reconstructs java source code decompilers and disassemblers translators from CLASS files. You can browse the reconstructed decompilers and disassemblers translators source code with the Class View for instant decompilers and disassemblers translators access to methods and fields. It uses Jad decompilers and disassemblers translators as its Java decompiling engine. [Freeware]
  • JCavaj - A free Java-based Java Decompiler. It uses Jode as its development tools Java decompiling engine. [Open source, GPL]
  • Mocha - Hanpeter van Vliet\\'s first Java Decompiler. Orphaned at development tools Java decompilers and disassemblers 1.02, so crashes on inner classes. [Freeware]

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