DOS and Windows Disassemblers Programming

A Windows 32-bit PE file disassembler and file editor, with a strong emphasis on peeking inside Delphi applications and packages.

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See Also:
  • Phoenix Disassembler - A Win32 PE File Intel 80x86 Disassembler, with programming API call programming conversion, and Navigation control. [Freeware]
  • HT - Is a binary file viewing and editing tool including disassembler dos and windows for DOS and Windows 16/32 formats (MZ, PE, LE) by dos and windows Stefan Weyergraf and Sebastian Biallas. [Open source, GPL]
  • VXDasm - A Visual disassembler for Windows95\\'s VXDs devices drivers, by programming Jean-Louis Seigne. [Shareware]
  • GoBug - A Win32 symbolic debugger and disassembler providing output to the programming screen, file or printer.
  • Programmers Heaven - Disassemblers - Dasm110, Desa101, Disasm32, MakeSrc2, Spy_Trak, Trace41.
  • Hiew - File viewer and disassembler for dos and windows dos and windows NE,LE,LX,PE formats and Netware Loadable Modules NLM,DSK,LAN, dos and windows by Eugene Suslikov. [Shareware]
  • Windows CodeBack disassembler - Windows 3.1 Disassembler by Leslie Pusztai Jr. [Shareware]
  • PE Explorer Disassembler - A Windows 32-bit PE file disassembler and file disassemblers editor, with disassemblers a strong emphasis on peeking inside disassemblers Delphi applications and packages.
  • Windows Disassembler - Windows 95/NT disassembler, by Sang Cho. Also Pentium disassemblers II instruction dos and windows table can be found at site. disassemblers [Open source]
  • BORG - Windows 32-bit PE file disassembler by Cronos.
  • PEDasm - Is a Win32 command line disassembler targeted for win32 X86 dos and windows platforms, by WITCZAK Nicolas Alexis. [Open source, GPL]
  • Pass32 Assembler - For 32 bit protected mode/Windows applications, includes integrated disassembler, by programming Dieter R. Pawelczak. [Freeware]
  • simtelnet/msdos/disasm/ - DOS based disassemblers.
  • Binary Editors for DOS - With disassemblers EDCOM by Doug Cox and programming HexIt by Mikael Klasson.

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