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Federation Against Software Theft, UK software industry group working alongside corporates who require advice and guidance to achieve a legally sustainable software environment.

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  • Software Piracy & Security - General information about software piracy and protection; piracy reports of hacking BSA and SIIA. Software security evaluation standards.
  • Piracy Is A Crime - Copyright infringement stories, break news, and updates on court cases hacking for warez scene and p2p members.
  • SPA Anti-Piracy - A division of the Software and Information Industry hacking Association, provides hacking education and enforcement in dealing with hacking software piracy. Online report hacking forms, anti-piracy news, FAQ, hacking copyright issues, policies, tools, seminars, and hacking publications.
  • BSA Anti-Piracy Site - Software management facts and free audit tools. Sponsored software piracy by hacking the Business Software Alliance.
  • Software Piracy Report - Three-part series by David Cuciz, interviews with enforcement agencies and a software pirate, world-wide statistics and the fight to bring software piracy under control.
  • BanPiracy - Organization devoted to the protection of proprietary audio software piracy software. Helps prevent and stop the illegal use, software piracy distribution, and duplication of copyrighted audio software.
  • FAST - Federation Against Software Theft, UK software industry group hacking working alongside hacking corporates who require advice and guidance hacking to achieve a legally hacking sustainable software environment.
  • WarezFAQ - Articles and FAQ for Also contains tutorials on posting and downloading files.

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