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The Butterfly is a credit-card sized demo board from Atmel Corp. It is feature-dense and low cost. Descriptions, tutorials, forum, block diagram, primer, many code samples: application notes with commented source code.

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AVR 8-Bit RISC* - Official product information from Atmel Corp. Include overview, technical specifications, details of application support, and information about various associated tools and software.

  • A GNU Development Environment for the AVR Microcontroller - Document on many details of GNU tools for avr AVR class avr processors.
  • ScienceProg - AVR tutorials, projects, links; and other science, embedded, avr biomedical engineering, components physics content.
  • HP InfoTech S.R.L. - Makes CodeVisionAVR C compiler, integrated development environment (IDE), automatic program avr generator, ChipBlasterAVR in-system programmer, code wizard, for Atmel AVR processors. avr [commercial]
  • Alberto Ricci Bitti Page - Award-winning electronic designs, circuit diagrams, ready-to-use schematics, source code; mainly processors for microcontrollers by Atmel (AVR), and PIC.
  • Electrons: Articles: AVR - Articles on varied aspects of AVR use. Psychogenic, Inc.
  • AVR Freaks - News in Weblog format, links, forum, tutorials, articles, specifications; devices, tools, projects, vendors. Some areas need registration.
  • AVR Core: Overview - Description of open source AVR clone, coded in VHDL; core compatible with ATmega103, has same instruction set and timing with few exceptions. Opencores.org.
  • AVR Butterfly and Beginners Site - The Butterfly is a credit-card sized demo board avr from Atmel components Corp. It is feature-dense and low avr cost. Descriptions, tutorials, forum, components block diagram, primer, many avr code samples: application notes with commented components source code.
  • AVR Microcontroller Projects - Many projects, tutorials; tools, book list, photo gallery, links.
  • Jesper's AVR Pages - Many projects: accelerometer, 5-digit frequency counter, temperature controller, processors chatboard conversion, avr precise Direct Digital Synthesis sinewave generator, processors uC/OS-II RTOS port, digital avr guitar tuner, MP3 players, processors add very large DRAM on small avr CPUs.
  • AVRButterfly: AVR Butterfly and Beginners Group - Email forum at Yahoo Tech Groups.
  • AVR Projects - Many projects: servocontroller; MIDI keyboards, splitter; programming adapter, processors starlight simulator, infrared-RC5 interface, robotics. [English, Dutch]
  • Smiley Micros - AVR consulting and related products: C programming book, avr Butterfly development kit, projects kit, Butterfly carrier; downloads, avr testimonials.
  • AVR Libc - Goal: high quality C library to use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Together, avr-binutils, avr-gcc, and avr-libc are the core of the open source toolchain for AVR.
  • ATtiny.com: AVR Microcontroller Projects - Many projects; much free information: hex dumps and components software, full components programs, ASM examples, Manchester code, bi-phase components code; tutorials, instructions, tips, components tricks, datasheets, diagrams. English, components Dutch.
  • BASCOM AVR Tutorial - For BASIC compiler for writing software on Windows processors to download processors to Atmel 8-bit controllers; easy to processors learn and use, low processors cost. Introduction, downloading, installing, processors configuring, sample program with screenshots. Candle processors Automation, Ltd.
  • Linux Development Tools for Atmel AVR - Tool chain development for AVR on Linux: programmer processors hardware, Linux processors driver, AVRASM-compatible assembler/linker, debugger, simulator. Theiling processors Online.
  • Procyon AVRlib: C-Language Function Library for Atmel AVR Processors - Descriptions, documents, downloads.
  • AVR-Assembler-Tutorial - Introduces assembly programming language for Atmel AVR processors avr (AT90S) with practical examples. English, Deutsch.
  • MCS Electronics - Makes BASCOM AVR/8051 Windows BASIC compiler, educational development board, with tutorials, forum; other embedded electronic systems.
  • WinAVR - Suite of executable software development tools for Atmel avr AVR RISC components processors, hosted on the Windows platform, avr has GNU GCC compiler components for C/C++. Open source.
  • The AVR Assembler Site - Descriptions, tutorials, many code samples: application notes with commented source code.
  • ECE476 Final Projects - Many electrical engineering student projects, using Atmel ATmega32 processors AVR chips. components Cornell University.
  • Atmel AVR - Growing article, with links to many related topics. avr [Wikipedia]
  • Dick Cappels' Project Pages - Many projects using microcontrollers (AVR, ATMega8, ATmega163, ATtiny12, components ATtiny2313, AT90S1200A, AT90S2313, AT90S8515/ATMEGA8515), analog, RF, and all components 3 mixed; much free information.
  • BelliBot - Documents robot that uses AVR processors; photographs, circuit avr layouts, description in German.
  • WebRing: AVR - Set of links to websites on Atmel AVR microcontrollers, related projects.
  • SCU Robotic Systems Laboratory: Embedded Systems Resources - AVR resources: beginning, installing, hardware, motor controllers, links, courses using AVR processors, downloads; ARM hardware and tools.
  • The Atmel AVR Forum - Many topics: beginners help, Assembly, BASIC, C; projects, technical and hardware; commercial issues; robot car and motor control; computer math.

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