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An information services company focused on enabling technology for personal computers and the high-performance microprocessor industry. Our work is aimed at engineers and others who need to understand and select new technologies.

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  • Computer Architecture - IBM researchers have made seminal contributions to this processors field. Lists some current work. [IBM Research]
  • Mitsubishi Semiconductors - Provides chip, chipset and system-on-chip solutions for computers, components communications, consumer, processors industrial, Internet-enabled, automotive, and visual applications.
  • AmberWave Systems Corp. - Makes strained silicon, high-speed, high-transconductance devices optimized to processors work in digital, analog, or mixed signal systems.
  • Upgradeware Technology - Manufacturer of CPU upgrade products.
  • Rabbit Semiconductor - Fabless semiconductor firm. Low cost, low power, high processors performance 8-bit embedded processors, clock speeds to 30 processors MHz. Integrated development tools for embedded control, communications, processors Ethernet connectivity; support remote coding.
  • IDT: Integrated Device Technology, Inc. - Silicon design company involved in MIPS technologies, and processors wide range hardware of electronics.
  • Prototype Glass Sheet Computer Unveiled - Transparent computer processor was printed on to a hardware flat plate of continuous grain silicon glass by hardware researchers at Sharp Japan laboratory; suggests very thin hardware computers and televisions might be built fully on hardware one sheet of glass. [New Scientist]
  • Central Processing Unit - Explains how a central processing unit in a computer works, for students and teachers; text, diagrams, photographs, links.
  • CAPS Research Group - Computer Architecture and Power Aware Systems Research Group, hardware Binghamton, State components University of New York. Researches means, hardware at microarchitecture, system, and components circuit levels, to improve hardware performance, energy-efficiency, and reliability of processors components and memory
  • ClearSpeed - Floating point accelerator, coprocessor and data parallel processing hardware for HPC, hardware scientific and embedded computer chips. Programmed hardware easily in C language.
  • Improv Systems Inc. - Supplier of configurable DSPs for communications and consumer products including hardware VoIP, wireless, media processing, DSL, MPEG4 and audio engines.
  • Atmel Wireless and Microcontrollers - ICs for innovative solutions in RF, automotive and communications.
  • Powerleap Products - CPU upgrade expert with product briefs, support, discussion forums and compatibility database.
  • The Processor-Memory Bottleneck - Problems and Solutions. From Crossroads site.
  • MicroDesign Resources - An information services company focused on enabling technology components for personal hardware computers and the high-performance microprocessor industry. components Our work is aimed hardware at engineers and others components who need to understand and select hardware new technologies.
  • WWW Computer Architecture - Houses computer architecture and microprocessor information on conferences, hardware benchmarks and tools, group projects, publications, books and hardware newsgroups.
  • Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing - Was Synergy Microsystems, Inc. Makes VME and CompactPCI SBCs with processors dual or single PowerPC 750, G4, or Pentium processors; powerful processors quad processor, VME DSP with Linux Symmetric Multiprocessing; VxWorks Integrity.
  • Synopsys Synthesizable VHDL LC-2 Model - Simple programmable processor defined in the popular introductory processors textbook.

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