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Shared memory multiprocessor architecture, and software for easy and efficient use: Tornado operating system, Jasmine compiler. Descriptions, documents, papers, pictures.

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  • Beyond the Teraflops: Why Intel Really Put 80 Cores on a Single Chip - Network is main motive; based on interview with multiprocessors Thom Sawicki, components technology strategist, Intel Communications Technology Lab, multiprocessors on the Terascale computing components research initiative. Ars Technica.
  • Intel Pieces Together 80-core Processor - Researchers craft early model, as part of Intel components tera-scale computing multiprocessors project to build fast parallel processor. components PC Authority.
  • Multiprocessing - Growing entry, with links to many related topics. components [Wikipedia]
  • Rapport, Inc. - Makes high performance, lower power parallel processor chips, uses PowerPC multiprocessors core with 256 subcores, to produce Kilocore chip with over multiprocessors 1,000 cores.
  • The Era of Tera: Intel Reveals More about 80-core CPU - Last year Intel talked of 80-core Teraflop CPU. Today we get many more details on architecture and role in future of multicore CPUs. AnandTech.
  • 1,000 Cores on a Chip - Brief article on Rapport\\'s Kilocore chip, which may components be used for video processing. Technology Review.
  • Time to Accept Parallel but Not without a Fight - Physical law is forcing the semiconductor industry to components accept something multiprocessors it knew all along but refused components to acknowledge: the most multiprocessors effective way to provide components high-performance is to use many processors, multiprocessors not just components one. [ElectronicsWeekly]
  • NUMAchine - Shared memory multiprocessor architecture, and software for easy processors and efficient use: Tornado operating system, Jasmine compiler. processors Descriptions, documents, papers, pictures.
  • PiSMA: A Parallel VSM Architecture - Parallel Virtually Shared Memory Architecture; merges benefits of shared and processors distributed memory models, secures confidential communication via authentication. [ACM Crossroads]
  • MIT Alewife Project - Large-scale multiprocessor, integrates cache-coherent, distributed shared memory, and processors user-level message-passing, components in one integrated hardware framework; papers, processors people, pictures, posters.
  • Chip Multiprocessing (CMP) Resources - Large link page: press releases, academic papers, presentations on dual-core multiprocessors and multicore processors. By James Donald, Electrical Engineering Department, Princeton multiprocessors University.

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