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VLIW is an acronym for: Very Long Instruction Word. This processor architecture implements a type of instruction level parallelism; multiple words executed per processor cycle. Similar to superscalar methods and architectures, it uses several execution units (e.g. 2 multipliers), so processors can execute several instructions at once (e.g. 2 multiplications). It is well suited to problems that can be processed as Single Instruction, Multiple Data: SIMD.

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See Also:
  • Embedded Computing: A VLIW Approach to Architecture, Compilers and Tools - By Joseph A. Fisher, Paolo Faraboschi, Cliff Young; components Morgan Kaufmann, vliw 2004, ISBN 1558607668. Technology is removing components the gap between embedded vliw and VLIW computing: high-performance components methods that seemed too costly for vliw embedded use components have become feasible and popul
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