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Simplifies debugging programs; acts like normal debugger by reading tracefile, using information for nice Windows interface, moves forward, backward through code, many other functions.

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MMIX 2009: A RISC Computer for the Third Millennium* - Donald E. Knuth's new 64-bit processor for the new volumes of his landmark series 'The Art of Computer Programming'. MIX has become more than only a book example, so MMIX should too. Description, news.

  • Dan's MIX Simulator and MIXAL Compiler - Assembler and interactive simulator in HTML and JavaScript; languages runs in languages web browser. For use if you languages are in haste to languages try MIXAL, or must languages code without installing an emulator.
  • MMIXmasters - Site for volunteers converting all programs in The languages Art of Computer Programming (TAOCP), Volumes 1-3, from languages old processor MIX, to newer MMIX: news, FAQ, languages mail lists, volunteer list and directions, links.
  • Home of MMIX Group Munich Professional School - Mixed German-English site at Munich University of Applied assembly Sciences. MMIX assembly extensions: MMIXAL LaTeX output, Win32 graphical assembly output.
  • GNU MDK - MIX Development Kit, emulates MIX, MIXAL; with compiler, assembly virtual machine, GUI, Guile interpreter, Emacs mode, Elisp assembly program to run programs in Emacs window.
  • MIX Builder - Full development environment: editor, assembler, simulator, interactive debugger; all in one. Does all 157 MIX instructions: floating-point operations, card reader, card punch, line printer, typewriter, paper tape. For Windows 9x-Me/NT-2000-XP.
  • Donald Knuth: MMIX, a RISC Computer for the New Millennium - Knuth describes MMIX 64-bit RISC computer to replace languages MIX as mix-mmix environment to teach machine level details languages in future editions of mix-mmix TAoCP; audio, video, text languages description, links. [Dr. Dobb's TechNetCast]
  • MIX Simulator and Assembler - MIX/MIXAL in C with Lex and CWEB documentation, mix-mmix in full Literate Programming style.
  • MMIXware: A RISC Computer for the Third Millennium - By Donald E. Knuth, editor; Springer-Verlag, 1999, ISBN mix-mmix 978-3-540-66938-8. Book assembly on MIX replacement MMIX, all example mix-mmix programs written in CWEB; assembly full text online.
  • MIX - Growing article, with links to related topics. [Wikipedia]
  • BeOS MIX - Uses BFiles for 18 of 20 MIX I/O mix-mmix devices, each languages MIX I/O instruction spawns a Be mix-mmix thread to do operation languages while MIX keeps computing. mix-mmix Has MIX Go button, unlike some languages MIX emulators, mix-mmix coded in C++.
  • Expandable MIX Emulator: EMIX - For Windows 9x-Me/NT-2000-XP, needs 16 Mb RAM, 500 mix-mmix Kb HD mix-mmix space, coded in C/C++ Builder.
  • MixNet - MIXAL compiler for Microsoft .NET framework. Emits .NET executable files. Source code is C#. Public Domain.
  • MIXAL - Eric Raymond\\'s MIX Assembler and interpreter; downloads: readme, languages source tarball, HTML rendering.
  • Virtual Hardware for MMIX - Brief satiric article, seemingly from 2009 Scientific American; mix-mmix some downloads: assembly True Color MMIX display for X11, mix-mmix MMIXX Distribution, screenshots; links.
  • MMIX-Trace - Simplifies debugging programs; acts like normal debugger by languages reading tracefile, languages using information for nice Windows interface, languages moves forward, backward through languages code, many other functions.
  • Status of the GNU MMIX Tools - GCC port of MMIX with tools, instructions to install, downloads, languages several links.

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