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This category holds links on open source aspects and versions of SPARC processors. SPARC is an acronym for Scalable Processor ARChitecture. It is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) design created and licensed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. RISC work began at Sun in 1984, by Bill Joy and Dave Patterson, and the first SPARC was introduced in 1987. It is widely licensed and used.

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Editor's Picks:* - Sun Microsystems initiative to create open source community and participation in processor architecture development; news, documents, analysis, downloads.

  • OpenSPARC - Main Sun pages on project: links, articles, documents, FAQ, contest.
  • LEON2FT Notes - Functional SPARC compatible processor core. Fault tolerant version open source of processors LEON2, derived from LEON-1 integer unit, implemented open source as highly processors configurable, synthesizable VHDL model. Runs on open source Altera, Mietec, Temic processors MG2, Xilinx. Designed for outer open source space uses. Open sou
  • OpenSPARC T1 FPGA Work - Processor implementation for field programmable gate arrays.
  • Gaisler Research AB - Provides IP cores, supporting development tools for embedded processors based sparc on SPARC architecture. Key product: LEON synthesizable processor model, full sparc development environment, and library of IP cores, GRLIB. Göteborg, Sweden.
  • Simply RISC - Designs and supports open-source RISC processors, systems, peripherals; processors sells S1 Core, a 64-bit Wishbone-compliant CPU Core processors based on reduced Sun Microsystems OpenSPARC T1 microprocessor. processors Catania, Italy; Bristol, UK.
  • Sun Extends Community Source Licensing to Chip Architectures - Sun Microsystems announces: for research uses, it extends sparc its new Community Source Licensing model to picoJava sparc and SPARC architectures; the first time a company sparc made major microprocessor intellectual property available via open sparc licensing.
  • Free SPARC VHDL Model Available - Announcement of open source LEON SPARC architecture; Google Groups.
  • Sun Releases Complete Chip Design for Free - Download full MicroSPARC-IIep design for free under terms open source of Sun Community Source License. [CNET]
  • S1 Core - This core (codename Sirocco) is one 64-bit core processors from the sparc OpenSPARC T1 8 core processor (codename processors Niagara), plus a Wishbone sparc bridge, reset controller, and processors basic interrupt controller, to make it sparc easy for processors engineers to integrate the design.
  • OpenSPARC T1 - Open source version of UltraSPARC T1 processor, with sparc CoolThreads technology; sparc high throughput, low power, for high sparc performance per watt; 32 sparc simultaneous processing threads, uses sparc about as much power as a sparc light bulb. sparc

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