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The company known for creating the "love bug" is currently involved in a heated domain name dispute and this week took its case into court, countersuing the owner of VW.net to gain control of the domain after he sued to keep it. [InternetNews]

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  • Volkswagen Sues for Domain Name - The company known for creating the "love bug" domain names is vw.net currently involved in a heated domain name domain names dispute and vw.net this week took its case into domain names court, countersuing the vw.net owner of VW.net to gain domain names control of the domain vw.net after he sued to domain names keep it. [InternetNews]
  • Judge sides with Volkswagen in Net name lawsuit - A little-known Net access company using the address disputed domain names VW.net lost its legal battle today against the disputed domain names giant German carmaker Volkswagen, a sign that judges disputed domain names are again picking Goliath over David in Net disputed domain names name disputes. By Patricia Jacobus. [News.com]
  • Volkswagen Loses First Round in Domain Dispute - In another David-versus-Goliath court battle, a Virginia judge domain names set domain names another precedent for small companies by favoring domain names Virtual Works\\' domain names domain name registration over the Volkswagen domain names trademark. By Maura domain names Ginty. [InternetNews]
  • Car makers fight for domains - Volkswagen is now moving against at least one vw.net online business, disputed domain names small Internet service provider Virtual Works, vw.net which was issued the disputed domain names domain name vw.net in vw.net 1996. [News.com]
  • Domain Dispute Proposal Counters NSI Policy - "A policy introduced by registrar NameSecure would make vw.net it easier for domain name holders to keep vw.net their Net addresses until a copyright dispute is vw.net settled." By Dan Goodin. [News.com]
  • Small company wins VW domain battle - In the latest court decision favoring small businesses domain names in domain name disputes, a federal judge has domain names ruled that Volkswagen of America cannot stop an domain names Internet service provider from using the address VW.net. domain names By Patricia Jacobus. [News.com]

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