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Why is the layout of so many web pages so similar? This is not by chance. There are simple logical explanations for why most web pages are formatted the way they are.

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  • Web Design Tips - Colin Mackenzie\'s guidelines for web design. Includes examples authoring and illustrations.
  • 7 Sisters Productions - Offers tips on good web design.
  • Color Theory - Notes on visual interaction and design.
  • Web Design Group: Design Elements - This section contains style, image, document type, and web design and development color guidelines for accessible web sites.
  • Soulbath - Experimental website all in gray, a self-declared exhibition of antibanners.
  • WEBalley - Provides HTML tutorials, web design articles, free templates, web design and development tools and webmaster resources.
  • Basic Web Design - General web design information.
  • World's Worst Website - Designed to graphically demonstrate common mistakes of web style and design style and design designers. Offers suggestions and links to examples of style and design style and design good and bad web page design.
  • Freeloader - Free advice for building a site which is attractive to authoring your surfers.
  • Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design - A classic article by Jakob Nielsen.
  • Good Practices - Links to HTML authoring and site development resources; web design and style and design development with explanations of HTML and CSS.
  • Web Design From Scratch - A guide on essential skills for designing effective authoring web sites.
  • Hypertext Gardens - A whimsical essay on unpredictability in hypertext design.
  • Hypertext Style: Cool URIs Don't Change - Tries to explain why are there so many dangling links authoring in the world.
  • Why are Most Web Pages Organized in Similar Ways? - Why is the layout of so many web web design and authoring development pages so similar? This is not by web design authoring and development chance. There are simple logical explanations for why web authoring design and development most web pages are formatted the way they authoring web design and development are.
  • Web Page Design Flaws - What to avoid, how to fix them, and authoring links to other sites with constructive criticism.
  • DocB's WebDesign Clinic - A guide to web site design, with an emphasis on web design and development usability and effectiveness.
  • Benefit from IT - Web design and development as it relates to authoring usability.
  • Web Design Inspiration - Screen-shots and links to some examples of web authoring design.
  • Code Style - Articles on CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Java servlets, and standards-oriented Web design.
  • Steadfast Suggestions for Web Design - A dozen suggestions and principles for basic web design and site architecture.
  • The Link Between Accessibility and Optimization for Search Engines - A paper discussing how W3C accessibility guidelines may web design and web design and development development be used to improve performance in search engines. web design web design and development and development It points out how to use each checkpoint web web design and development design and development and is an attempt to persuade optimisers to web design and development web design and development make the W3C guidelines standard practice in web design and development SEO.
  • - Gallery and news for site design. Includes site style and design style and design and technology reviews and a forum.
  • How To Make An Annoying Web Page - Learn what makes bad web design annoying and see how authoring to avoid it.
  • Web Page Design for Designers - "Editorials" and reference material on selected topics, plus a resource authoring directory.
  • The Browser-Safe Color Palette - Article about non-dithering colors in browsers, by Lynda web design and development Weinman.
  • Glassdog - Writings and tutorials focusing on design topics. Also web design and development includes site reviews.

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