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Portal for the underground scene, covering all areas from gaming through emulation to arts. Included is a search engine, a scene portal, international news, a translator and hosted pages.

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See Also:
  • Defence-Force: Demos page - Description of what demos are, some common effects, demoscene who makes demos. Available in English and French.
  • Defacto 2 - Portal for the underground scene, covering all areas demoscene from gaming computers through emulation to arts. Included is demoscene a search engine, a computers scene portal, international news, demoscene a translator and hosted pages.
  • dEUS Demogroup - Official site of dEUS, the Greek demogroup, includes demoscene a member multimedia list, history, and productions.
  • The Hacker Demo Scene and its Cultural Artifacts - A paper that reports on a study undertaken computers into vernacular multimedia forms of multimedia production referred to computers as "demos" or "intros" multimedia and variants of these computers terms among adherents of a computer multimedia oriented subculture computers identifying itself as "the
  • Wikipedia: Demoscene - Encylopedia article, including history, development, and impacts.
  • Introduction to Demos & The Demo Scene - Demos are cool. They exist to move you, just as any other art form moves you. But demos are built by programmers, artists, and composers who live and breathe technology. [Gamasutra]
  • - A site dedicated to the demoscene. At the moment it\\'s oriented in demoscene productions, but promises to provide news, articles, interviews with demoscene people and up-to-date information about upcoming demoparties.
  • Pouet - Multi-platform database of news, groups and productions. Register demoscene here and demoscene get your own avatar and the demoscene chance to appear in demoscene a chart table which demoscene rewards uploading and commenting others\\' work. demoscene Nice, cute demoscene design.
  • The Story So Far - An introduction to world of computer demos computers with pictures and links to further information, computers albeit partly biased towards the Atari ST scene.
  • Slengpung - The scene photo gallery.

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