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A demo party is a event in which many members of the demo scene gather to exchange knowledge, compete in various contests to demonstrate their skills and generally have a good time. Most demo parties are held in Europe.

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  • Solskogen - Demo party in Ås, Norway for C64, Amiga demoscene and PC. demoscene Offer information in English and Norwegian.
  • Error In Line #2 - Easter Atari party in Dresden, Germany.
  • Very Important Party - Scene event held July in Lyon, France.
  • Forever - A pure 8bit party with ZX Spetrum, Commodore and Atari multimedia XL/XE.
  • Mekka & Symposium - Easter scene-only party in Fallingbostel, Germany.
  • Forever 2e3: The report - Report from the Forever 2e3 demo party in demoscene Slovakia.
  • Bünzli - A yearly Swiss demoscene event.
  • Takeover - Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • The Gathering - International computing event in Norway.
  • Assembly - One of the main scene events, held near parties Helsinki, Finland.
  • Euskal - The 8th edition, which will start the 22th of July, demoscene has seen the move of the partyplace to Bilbao.
  • Plutonium 2000 - Held in June in Loviisa, Finland.
  • Scene Event - Held yearly in Harridslev, Denmark.
  • Volcanic 4 - The story so far.
  • Evoke - An annual demo-party in Germany.

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