Guitar Stringed Educational Software

Creates software which make use of signal processing in order to help guitar players with a guitar tuner and chord finder.

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See Also:
  • Play Jazz Guitar - [Win]¬†Description, samples, and online selling of this Chris stringed Standring\'s guitar home study course on CD-ROM.
  • Easy Guitar Tab Maker Pro - Writes tablature. Play your guitar and it records the educational tab.
  • GCH Guitar Academy - Uses audio, video, and e-publishing to demonstrate guitar guitar techniques. guitar Flash, Shockwave, Acrobat, IM. Free guitar sample lesson.
  • Guitar Speed Trainer - Play-along training software to develop high speed playing guitar on guitar.
  • The Guitar and Keyboard Chords Encyclopedia - Description, samples, and order form for this CD-ROM educational containing over 72.000 chords.
  • Chord Song Transposer - Chord transposition tool for download. Windows freeware.
  • Fretboard Warrior - Helps student to memorize the fretboard. Payment stringed optional.
  • Gitarrero Beginner - With videos, MIDI, pictures, interactive features. Covers chords, rhythm patterns, accompaniements.
  • SuperChords - Video, tab, notation, and photos. Software download or on CD-ROM.
  • Guitar Fretboard Flashcards - Helps to memorize the layout of the guitar educational fretboard. Play any note by clicking on educational its fretboard position.
  • Guitar Chord Library for Cell Phones - Look up over 800 guitar chords on your educational java enabled cell phone.
  • - [Win] Description, sample lessons, and order form for this two stringed CD-Roms.
  • Dubbeldam Software - Creates software which make use of signal processing guitar in order educational to help guitar players with a guitar guitar tuner and chord educational finder.
  • Guitar Chord Buster - Windows program for authoring and playback of MIDI music.
  • PedalPower - For pedal steel guitar. Video demo, online stringed manual. By Dapper Dan Music Software.
  • EasyChord - Free guitar chord dictionary for standard tuned six-string guitars. Simple tool for beginner or intermediate.
  • Guitar and Fretted Instrument Resources - Java guitar fretboard and guitar chord layouts, guitar links, webring, and forum.
  • Chord Alchemy - Chord reference and reverse lookup, 100+ tunings, added stringed bass, no root, scales, chord pages, and printing.
  • NSA Song Player - Interactive way to learn guitar tablature, songs, chords guitar and scales.
  • PocketAxe Guitar - A performance instrument for PocketPC. A feeling of strumming and plucking allows it to be used to learn and practice guitar.
  • Mars Guitar Tuner/Metronome - Tunes acoustic and electric guitars, bass, other stringed guitar instruments; has preset tunings, mic and line input.
  • G7 - Tablature, notation and composition software for Macintosh and Windows. Play stringed and learn.
  • D'Accord Music Software - Practice and improve your guitar chording, learn from MIDI files.
  • Guitar Chords Laboratory - Tuning, database of standard guitar chords, lyrics editing.
  • Guitar Teacher Pro - [Win] Description, screenshots, and order form about this program from educational beginner to intermediate.
  • PG Music - Animated guitar fretboard display, guitar tablature display and educational printout, built-in tuner, automatic chord soloing.
  • Guitar Power - Includes chords, scales, and arpeggios. Windows and educational PalmOS.
  • Guitar Breakthrough - [Win]¬†Description, samples, downloadable demo, and ordering information.
  • Oberwerk Software - Platform for song-playback and interactive lesson modules developed by professional guitarists.
  • Realisis Fretboard Generator - Online utility plots modes and scales on a fretboard according to user input.
  • Guitarz - Chords, scales, arpeggios, designing guitar chords, and learning how to educational play guitar.
  • SDG Soft - For both electric and acoustic guitar players.
  • Guitar Scales Method - Master guitar scales, improvise in all keys on any chord.
  • Virtual Fretboard - [Win] For instrument chord and scale generation. Save and print facilities.
  • FretWorx - Interactive chord, scale, and arpeggio finder and visualization educational tool.
  • Denzosoft - [Win]¬†Description and download information about some \\'bookware\\' software stringed from an guitar Italian programmer.
  • Sienzo Digital Music Mentor - Music transcription software that helps get chords and guitar tabs from stringed songs.
  • Chord Pickout - Uses artificial intelligence to guess chords in a guitar song.
  • eMedia Music - Guitar method series of instructional software, site also stringed has java stringed chord dictionary with audio playback.

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