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[Win] Can be used as a daily routine, helps anyone from the "tone-deaf" person to the professional musician.

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  • Clarion - [Mac] Practice and be quizzed on the various educational intervals of software the 12 tone western music octave educational division.
  • EarPower - [Win] Can be used as a daily routine, helps anyone theory and ear training from the "tone-deaf" person to the professional musician.
  • Crystal Metronome - Accurate software metronome for Windows, includes swing timings. theory and ear software training Demo available.
  • Treblis Software Corp - Music theory and appreciation software for intermediate, high school, and educational college level students and their instructors.
  • MusicGoals by Eye & Ear - [Win] Ear training, sight reading, and music theory - combined educational approach for piano, guitar and string instruments.
  • Rising Software - Offers Auralia, an ear training program for Win and Mac and Musition, a theory training program for Win.
  • MuseBook Metronome - Trace the tempo of the music you are software listening to.
  • Metronimo - [Win] Study music theory, discover classical composers, test software your musical culture, recognize instruments, with this game. software Also in French.
  • EarMaster - [Win,Mac] Interactive software suite for ear training and theory and ear theory and ear training training practical music theory at home or at the theory and theory and ear training ear training music school.
  • Deelakord - [Win] Card game that teaches music theory: notes, scales and chords. Order form included.
  • Dolphin Don's - [Win,Mac] Games for ages 6 to adult teach ear training and reading by identifying notes, rhythms, key sigs, intervals and chords.
  • DMetro - Metronome for Windows. Learn to keep time when playing.
  • Note Chaser - [Win] Music transcription assistant helps anyone to transcribe software a CD educational track by frequency display and slowdown.
  • ByEars' Ear Trainer - Interactive software contains lessons and realistic play-along exercises. software For educational guitar and bass.
  • GNU Solfege - Free ear training software, runs on Windows and theory and ear training most Linux/UNIX distributions. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Scala - Experiment with musical tunings: equal and historical temperaments, just intonation, software microtonal and non-Western scales. Win, Linux, OSX.
  • Ear Training Expedition, Part 1 - [Win] Helps students learn music theory and practice theory and ear software training their ear skills with colorful, creative games.
  • Musemath - Flash animated site uses the guitar to demonstrate some of the science behind western traditional music.
  • Jorge Meletti's Melodic Intervals - Study ear perception of random melodic chains, based educational on a software user chosen set of intervals. educational Freeware.
  • Greg Jalbert's Listen - [Mac] Ear training program for students and individuals to strengthen software perception of melodies and harmonies.
  • Cope Media - [Win] Musical eartraining software: aural training of scales, educational chords, intervals, educational melody, rhythm, inversions and progressions.
  • The Harmonic Metronome - [Win] Produces scales and arpeggios, perfectly tuned and software perfectly timed. educational Demo available.
  • Jalmus - Free, open source music education software helps musicians, educational especially pianists, improve sight-reading.
  • EarBoost - Ear training software with graphical feedback to help theory and ear educational training measure your results.
  • Dolce Ear Training - Allows the advancing music student to gain skill software in identifying rhythms, intervals, and chords.
  • Ear Workout - [Mac] Open source software for musical ear training.
  • CATS - Theory and tests, over 25,000 possible questions. Covers theory and ear software training Associated Board music theory exams, grade 5 theory.
  • Music Study - [Win,Mac] Ear training and music theory instruction software, educational by Dr. Gilbert Trythall.
  • Fine Software's Metronome - [Win] A shareware metronome with any musical meter allowed, customizable sound, and ergonomic interface.
  • Flat 5 Software - Ear training software that covers intervals through altered educational dominant chords. theory and ear training PC, Mac.
  • Lars Peters' Eartraining - [Mac] Practice intervals, chords, scales and perfect pitch. software Shareware.
  • Happy Note! - [Win] Computer game allows people to learn how software to read music while playing.
  • Magic Ear Trainer - [Win] Improve your musical ear.
  • Perfect Pitch via Brainwave Synchronization - Listen to PowerPoint files created with Brainwave Synchronization software encoding.
  • Tete - Open-source ear-training software. Recognise the relationships between notes of different pitches. Play and be tested on intervals, chords, and scales.

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