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Portfolio site of Simone Baboni. Includes Director experiments, menus, games and utilities, as well as work in CD, web development and book contributions.

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  • Moshofsky Plant - Freelance creative team with Director expertise, producing content from print media to interactive presentations to web sites.
  • RealLingo - Specialize in programming with Director, Flash and ColdFusion developers as well developers as develop Xtras for Director.
  • Inludo - Online game development company specialised in Macromedia Director, developers with a strong emphasis on 3D games. Also developers offer 3D viualisation. 3D Director tutorials and demo developers files. Offices in Norway and United Kingdom.
  • getpixel - Lingo programmer with a showcase of Shockwave games. Demo files developers for download.
  • Madfish Studios - Developers of 3D Shockwave games and applications. Includes software shockwave 3D developers demos.
  • Play design - Lingo experiments by Ken Chan, a Director Lingo and Flash software Actionscript programmer and designer.
  • Studio dmm - Multimedia developer that also offers Xtras for Director.
  • DOMAJ Multimedia - Develops Occupational Health and Safety Multimedia content using developers Macromedia Director. Also develop Director Xtras using Borland developers Delphi and DXLib.
  • Baboni - Portfolio site of Simone Baboni. Includes Director experiments, software menus, games and utilities, as well as work software in CD, web development and book contributions.
  • Meliora Software - Create interactive CD titles, multimedia presentations, shockwave games, software 3D visualisation, developers custom Director and Flash programming as software well as offer Director developers Xtras.
  • ForgeFX - Provides of custom-developed interactive 3D simulations and visualizations.
  • Moez Soft - Produce multimedia CDs and offer \\'Builder software\\' for software creating customised software Macromedia Director presentations. Also offer Director software behaviors, some free, and software Lingo support.
  • Dave Cole - Developer specializing in Macromedia Director and Flash development for CD-ROM developers and web, video, 2D and 3D games. Dave\\'s 3D Engine developers for 3D Polygonal graphics in Director.
  • Macromedia Developer - James McNess portfolio of Director and Flash work. developers Also includes CV and blog, as well as developers Director experiments source code to download.

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