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  • Necromanthus Shockwave 3D - A collection of Shockwave 3D online game demos, as well shockwave demos as specific 3D techniques with source code.
  • Flying Puppet - Interactive web art pieces in Shockwave.
  • ShockWave Demos - Collection of demo shockwave movies.
  • Noisecrime - Various Director experiments and demos (no source), includes adobe director a tutorial on Additive Blending.
  • Pianographique - Jean-Luc Lamarque and Fred Matuszek's Shockwave art work.
  • LeCielEstBleu - Frédéric Durieu's multimedia experiments in conception and interactivity.
  • somnambules - A choreographic and interactive show in 12 scenes adobe director and shockwave demos their preludes, bringing together contact dance, painting, adobe director video and shockwave demos music.
  • Obsolete Shockwave Experiments - Non commercial test site for current Shockwave ideas.
  • iotic Experiments - Shockwave movies with source code.
  • Shockwave-3D - Shockwave 3D demos by Boris Langhammer. Include architectural virtual walkthroughs software and bones character animation.
  • - Fun, groovy and wacky Shockwave 3D WebToys.
  • Den Ivanov Labs - Shockwave 3D files with Director source.

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